Use CREST Performance Alerts to:

  • Benchmark your performance against that of the foodservice market nationally and at the local level so
    you can decide whether to continue your current approaches or make adjustments
  • Identify the chains that are performing well and those that are underperforming
    • For operators: Determine which competitors are threats and which are vulnerable so you can develop plans accordingly
    • For manufacturers: Determine the customers that present the greatest opportunities so you can target accordingly
  • Pinpoint the areas of the country that are recovering more quickly and those that are lagging in order to focus your efforts geographical
  • Explore the top 55 U.S. DMAs, as well as states and DMA aggregates, to understand chain performance at the local level
  • See which local markets warrant increased marketing spending and/or restaurant development to
    capitalize on growth opportunities and which local markets to consider exiting

Is it a local market issue? Or our brand’s issue?

CREST Performance Alerts can reveal market issues and provide clarity on the market nuances in key DMAs.


CREST Performance Alerts are fueled by modeled GPS data, along with NPD’s broad portfolio of foodservice industry assets, including CREST and ReCount®, plus NPD’s Checkout receipt-based data and credit card data. Data in CREST Performance Alerts has been validated against CREST, SalesTrack®, and public reporting.