Don’t miss another high-value opportunity.  Use Analytic Reporting for POS Store Level Data for fact-based decision-making, maximizing ROI and minimizing risk in these areas:

Sales/Marketing Performance

Measure current efforts by store, sales territory or channel to ensure you’re making the right investments, optimize marketing and sales team performance, prioritize marketing spend to maximize ROI, and find and quantify areas of opportunity to capture more sales and share.


Manage assortment and distribution plans by knowing what sells best and where, elevate communication to enhance retailer-manufacturer partnerships, improve efficiencies in supply chain, and find opportunities to increase profit and minimize markdowns. 

Product Development/Innovation

Inform product innovation and private label strategies, evaluate product attributes to customer preferences and trends, and discover new opportunities by benchmarking performance of current items to competitors with similar attribute configurations.

Why POS Store Level Data?

NPD’s unparalleled POS Store-Level Data captures store-level data feeds directly from retailers.  Data collected at the store level shows how products sell in the locations where they are carried. It enables us to report below a national level accurately, so you can monitor sales, distribution, pricing, and velocity by retailer, region, or market. More robust data can help you identify the most productive products in your portfolio and pinpoint the ones that deserve expanded distribution and marketing focus.  Using this data, we have tailored our analytic offerings to meet the specific needs of each industry and our clients, taking the guesswork out of finding the right solution for your needs.  Just ask us what you need to look further into.

Product Types:

Store Group Reporting

Capitalize on high-value opportunities specifically aligned to how you run your business

How it works: Stores can be grouped based on markets and sales territories, channel, subchannel and store type, product selling dynamics, and community profiles.

Product Reporting

Connect customers with the right product in the right place at the right time

How it works: Items, SKUS, and Brands can be grouped or reported together, ranking various product attributes and features or top items based on multiple performance metrics.