Build your business with competitive intelligence tailored to address your business challenges. Manufacturers and retailers often miss valuable opportunities to drive growth, capitalize on changing market dynamics, and deal with threats. Our Analytic Reporting solution can help.

Analytic Reporting lets you customize categories, geographies, retailer universes, metrics, and attribute clusters. It puts our unparalleled Store-Level Enabled market intelligence at your fingertips to drive change. And it’s delivered in a convenient and visual format that is portable, shareable, and easy to use.

Custom Channels

Align to client channel definitions.


Target markets with demographics linked to sales 

Recontact Surveys

Identify opportunity at the community level.

Product Attributes

Uncover top selling attribute combinations for assortment and innovation.

Sales Territories

Align with field sales structures to drive execution.

Same Store Sales

Provide a detailed view of brand and retailer performance in existing stores.

Top Items

Understand the buyer dynamics behind sales performance with buyer-based metrics delivered through an interactive dashboard.

Leveraging Our POS Data, Analytic Reporting Can Help You:

Identify Targeted

Get a deeper look – understand your targeted store groups, markets, and store/product attributes to find new opportunities and whitespace.

Measure Sales
Territory Performance

Leverage fact-based evidence to efficiently manage people, budget, and product while ensuring your sales team has the right resources in place. Demonstrate that investments in your sales team are paying off and if a larger or right-sized team is needed, and use as a benchmark to incentivize, reward, and compensate your sales team.

Plan Assortment

Make the most informed decisions and minimize markdown losses by knowing what feature configurations sell best, what’s trending, and how you stack up with the competition for similar products. Provide fact-based guidance to product development teams for innovation.

Explore Same
Store Sales Trends

Get industry standard performance metrics to help you understand what’s really driving competitive performance. Differentiate growth coming from existing stores versus additional store openings to adequately gauge performance for potential investments.