For decades, we’ve been trusted by the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers, investment firms, and media outlets as the authority for measuring market performance in the industries we serve. To help the financial community stay ahead of shifting consumer behaviors and enhance investment decisions, our point-of-sale (POS), consumer receipt panel, and consumer survey services provide timely market information across multiple industries in the U.S. and globally.

NPD Data Helps You:

Stay Current

Integrate our data with your investment model to stay updated on the biggest shifts occurring in your portfolio. Identify key inflection points, while assessing the market’s competitive landscape.

Dive Deeper

Conduct bottom-up analysis and understand the key drivers impacting topline performance with sales and pricing data at the SKU/item-level.

Validate Findings

Receive a trusted third-party outlook to validate information provided by other sources.

Case Studies:

We offer services to hedge funds, private equity firms, long-only asset managers, venture capital firms, quant funds, and others. Here’s how we help some of them:

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds use our data to stay on top of the latest sales results and industry trends for hundreds of public and private companies. SKU/ item-level data is used to track the success of new products that companies point to as key levers of growth.

Private Equity

Private equity firms depend on our data and insights for deal sourcing, acquisition due diligence, and post-investment evaluations.