Pricing is at the core of customer engagement in the quick service restaurant segment. To help companies make the best pricing decisions, NPD’s Menu Price Track service offers timely pricing information based on customer receipts from major chains. This service helps marketers answer key questions, including: How do chains attract consumers with value-driven pricing while ensuring healthy margins? How does a particular price point fit into the competitive landscape? For what items, and in which geographic areas, are competitors increasing prices? Menu Price Track provides the input needed for effective pricing strategies.

Use Menu Price Track to:

  • Monitor the latest prices paid for products at QSR to benchmark prices to the competition
  • Assess differences in pricing by geographic market
  • Identify menu item price floors and ceilings to support menu development and new product price positioning
  • Understand item-level pricing by meal type, a la carte items, combo meals, kids’ meals, and special deals
  • Monitor how pricing trends have evolved over time


Menu Price Track is powered by NPD’s Checkout, which leverages actual restaurant receipts from its consumer panel of 150,000 consumers. NPD has the most stringent panel requirements, guaranteeing engaged panelists and better data.