The industry’s most robust source for gasoline consumer information and insight on trends

The NPD Group’s Motor Fuels Index (MFI) monthly survey is the most comprehensive source of data and insights for understanding the gasoline consumer and tracking trends in the U.S. gasoline marketplace. Both national and regional fuel retailers use it to monitor their brand and competitor performance and develop strategic initiatives to grow gasoline volumes and share. 

The Motor Fuels Index is the only national, ongoing tracking source for monitoring retailer performance and trends. Its robust sample size of 160,000 annual responses allows marketers to analyze performance at the market level or create customized geographies. It delivers deep detail on demographics, allowing marketers to analyze purchasing behaviors by age, income, gender, and other key targets. Other valuable metrics to help monitor performance in the marketplace include brand loyalty and grade of gas purchased; reasons for brand selection can also be utilized to assist in brand differentiation. In addition, clients can add their proprietary client segmentation to the MFI dataset in order to closely monitor behavioral segments. 

Business Benefits

  • Understand your brand performance versus competitors, including majors, grocers or warehouse clubs, regional retailers, and others within your exact retail footprint
  • Uncover new business opportunities among select demographic cohorts, such as Millennials, Hispanics, and Baby Boomers
  • Determine effectiveness of your discount/rewards program in an effort to grow your loyal customer base
  • Identify brand switchers and where else they are purchasing fuel
  • Understand your proportion of customers who cross purchase, buying gas and also making a c-store purchase
  • Benchmark and monitor marketing campaigns, promotions, or re-imaging of stations
  • Explore consumers’ perceptions pertaining to fuel quality and brand trust

Key Measures

  • Brand share
  • Gasoline consumption tracking: average number of visits and gallons
  • Cross-purchasing behavior by brand
  • Consumer reasons for brand selection
  • Fuel quality perceptions
  • Payment methods — including mobile payments
  • Other services used, such as convenience store, car wash, etc.
  • Consumer and vehicle demographics


Motor Fuels Index is a syndicated service supported by a group of NPD clients. It is a monthly online survey of U.S. consumer purchasing of motor fuels/gasoline. Data comes from NPD’s proprietary online panel, which is representative of the U.S. adult population. Each month, over 14,000 individuals 18+ answer questions regarding their last fuel purchase. Approximately 160,000 Motor Fuels Index surveys are completed per year.