Gain Deep

With a granular look at product pricing at the item and sub-category levels across online and brick-and-mortar, you can monitor how pricing trends evolve over time to make the most informed pricing decisions.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

See how your shelf and promotional prices compare to your competitors to understand what consumers expect and how you can better appeal to them.


Pinpoint specific products/segments that have opportunities for adjustment so you can improve margins, win new customers, and keep existing ones loyal.


The reports are based on our weekly, Store-Level Enabled point-of-sale data, which provides the most accurate assessment of past price and promotion activity across brands and retailers. Our unique access to this level of information makes it possible to report more granular prices than market averages and create visibility into price points consumers see on an ongoing basis. We can also model price variation and pricing power across entire industries, providing unparalleled insights into how to gain dollar share profitably.