Validate the impact of your dynamic price, discount, and promotion strategies to ensure you have the right balance to stay competitive and grow sales profitably. Discover how Pricing Analytics can help you navigate your pricing challenges and execute your best plan of action.

Product Pricing

Benchmark your pricing and promotional performance against competitors so you can better align price and discount planning to gain a distinct advantage

Promotion Timing

Identify key weeks and timing to grow sales and promote the right items, at the right time, and at the right depth

Scenario Planning

Test scenarios, classify, and prioritize pricing and promotional actions to seize your most favorable opportunities and limit risk based on price elasticities

Collaboration Strategy

Utilize price distribution and promotional outcome evidence to improve manufacturer and retailer collaboration for promotion execution

Questions We Answer

  • Am I discounting more or less than the rest of the market?
  • What are my opportunities to drive share (e.g. weeks, brands, items, segments)?
  • How should I plan my promotions differently next year?
  • Am I adjusting to market changes quickly enough to win sales?
  • How are base prices changing? How do my base prices compare to the rest of the market?
  • What items will drive more sales or profit?
  • What is my price position relative to the market?
  • What products are the most or least price sensitive?
  • How will my sales change if I raise or lower my price?

“Having this visibility empowers the decision-maker to evaluate things with a different perspective”

SVP of Growth and Strategic Pricing

Pricing Analytics Products

Price and Discount Trends

Price and Promotion Simulator

Price and Discount Trends

Isolate the incremental sales impact of price promotions to measure the effectiveness of past promotions by understanding incremental and base price sales of promoted versus non-promoted items – online and in-store, to determine what is driving those pricing changes. Get a granular look at product pricing at the product and sub-category levels to make strategic adjustments to price and promotion decisions with less risk and allocate investments to brands and items that will have the most impact. Available monthly or quarterly.

How it works:

Store-level POS data feeds into algorithms and models that detect discounts, identify weeks with price promotions, and estimate an expected base level of sales in each store for each week. Comparing actual sales to expected sales measures the impact of a discount of price promotion and provide further insight on whether your promotions are generating incremental sales or just subsidizing sales that would have happened anyway.

Price and Promotion Simulator

Optimize your pricing, discounting, and promotional strategies by using NPD’s scenario planning application that shows you the outcome of your pricing changes before you execute them. Understand your portfolio’s pricing risk profile to focus on those brands and items that will be the most impactful and drive share.

How it works:

Statistical models determine the relationship between sales and prices. The interactive simulator allows you to predict the possible outcomes of specific price changes and promotional actions and determine the best strategy to achieve your revenue and profit goals.

Price and Promotion Simulator

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