NPD’s Pricing Analytics

Our Pricing Analytics capabilities consist of two complementary services that provide historical evaluations of pricing and promotional events along with forward looking simulation capabilities to help shape strategy.

Price and Discount Trends is a subscription tracking service that monitors discounts and helps you identify opportunities to adjust prices and promotions to stay competitive. This service provides new promotional measures that evaluate the sales lift and efficiency of historical promotions across reportable brands in the category. By benchmarking performance to competitors and understanding these KPIs you can make strategic adjustments to price and promotion decisions with less risk and allocate investments to brands and items that will have the most impact.

Price and Promotion Simulator

The Price and Promotion Simulator is a subscription offering that starts with statistical models that determine the relationship between sales and prices. The system allows simulation of future price and promotion actions to develop the best strategy to achieve your revenue and profit goals. This category-wide, easy-to-use service is regularly updated to provide instant insights through an intuitive interface for faster decision-making.


“Having this visibility empowers the decision-maker to evaluate things with a different perspective.”

SVP of Growth & Strategic Pricing


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