In the world of retailer pricing, many factors are at play. Our Price Permission tool is here to make it easier — it analyzes item pricing online and in store to identify opportunities to gain dollar share by changing pricing strategy. See if a category is commoditized, whether a given retailer has opportunity to differentiate, and the degree to which a retailer has already differentiated itself in that category. Price Permission data allows you to build a variety of pricing, merchandising, and service strategies to stand out from your competitors.

Use our Price Permission Tool to:

Understand the Competitive

See where you stack up compared to the competition to monitor pricing opportunities and threats.


Identify items and subcategories where you can raise prices to drive higher sales and/or margin.


Improve your ROI by learning which categories are heavily commoditized and don’t warrant significant investment. Focus investments on areas where you can differentiate yourself to drive higher margins.


These capabilities are based on NPD’s weekly, Store-Level Enabled point-of-sale data, which provides the most accurate assessment of past price and promotion activity across brands and retailers. Our unique access to this level of information lets us model price variation and pricing power across entire industries providing unparalleled insights into how to gain dollar share profitably.