New technologies and buying behaviors are driving unprecedented change at retail. As a result, it’s never been more important to understand what’s selling, where, and at what price. To help brands, retailers, and manufacturers make sense of it all, our Retail Tracking Service sources point-of-sale (POS) data from over 600,000 retail locations, plus e-commerce and mobile platforms. It measures what consumers are buying so you can meet their demands while achieving data-driven growth for your business.

The Retail Tracking Service Helps You:


Keep updated on the biggest shifts occurring in your industry, and anticipate future trends to keep your business competitive.

Understand Performance

Explore general merchandise brand performance at the subcategory level. No other company provides a more granular view of what’s selling at retail.

Discover Opportunities

Find new ways to grow your category by monitoring the product characteristics and attributes driving sales and the geographic markets that are growing.

Develop Strategy

Create a comprehensive assortment and product portfolio strategy that leverages best-in-class insight from more than 20 industries.

Track Sales at the Store and Account Levels

For a deeper look, we also collect data at the store and account levels, because it’s not just about how much you’re selling, it’s also how fast. By capturing store-level data feeds directly from retailers, our Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking Service measures velocity, telling you the rate at which products are selling as a measure of performance. Our Account Level Reports reveal sales for specific retailers compared to the total market, offering retailers and select vendors the opportunity to partner more effectively to drive category growth.