The foodservice landscape is shifting around the globe. The supply chain is evolving, consumer needs and tastes are changing, the channels offering foodservice are plentiful, and technology is enabling convenience and service at the speed of light. Whether you’re a foodservice distributor, manufacturer, or operator, navigating the new landscape can be a challenge — but that’s where we come in. Our Advanced Analytics teams combine NPD’s SupplyTrack® distributor tracking data with state-of-the-discipline research methodologies to explain the “why behind the buy.” To see how our SupplyTrack Advanced Analytics can answer your most pressing business questions, check out our suite of solutions.

Understand the Market and Find Opportunities

Category Sizing

Get market sizing for the total foodservice universe so you can understand total category size, evaluate competitive opportunities, and identify new category opportunities

Market Basket

Identify the products operators are buying together so you can understand foodservice operator order composition and uncover new ways to increase manufacturer portfolio volume

Purchase Dynamics

Understand new, lost, and retained operators so you can understand your foodservice brand’s sales and refine your go-to-market strategies

Source of Volume

Understand and quantify operators’ brand switching volumetrics so you can explore how brand switching impacts your business

SupplyTrack Advanced Analytics Help You:

Size the Prize for the Total Foodservice Universe

Understand total category size fueled by actual operator purchases from more than 700,000 restaurant, retail, and non-commercial locations. Evaluate competitive opportunities, and identify new category opportunities.

Refine Your Go-to-Market Strategies

Identify and understand your foodservice brand’s sales changes by measuring new, lost, and retained operators with SupplyTrack® invoice-level data.

Explore the Effects of Brand Switching

Understand how changes in the marketplace affect your product launches, pricing events, and promotions. Mitigate competitive threats by seeing what brands you’re losing business to and how your own brands might be cannibalizing your sales.

Build Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Elevate your sales stories; by understanding what products operators are buying together, you can develop cross-promotional, bundling, and innovative opportunities.