Lunch traditionally has been the meal most sourced away from the home, but over the past year, the lunch occasion in the U.S. has shifted dramatically as consumers spent more time at home. As consumers’ lifestyles return to normal, how will they balance new behaviors with previous routines?

The Future of Lunch is your interactive source for insight on what’s ahead for consumers and your business. An online dashboard featuring data from 40+ forecasts uncovers your most promising growth opportunities. Expert insights from an in-depth report add context to the data so you can make more realistic predictions and explore opportunities and implications related to health, wellness, and convenience. It’s the information you need to refine your strategies to anticipate and respond to shifting needs in the home.

What’s Included?

  • Forecasts through December 2024 — Explore what’s ahead for 28 key in-home lunch food categories and forecasts by generation, including Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • Analyst Perspectives — You get NPD’s experienced advisors’ perspectives on industry trends and evolving consumer behaviors as part of a comprehensive report.
  • Interactive Online Dashboard — All data powering forecasts ― both historical and forward-looking ― are available in a dynamic and easy-to use format. It’s designed to enable exploration of the results. Data from the forecasts can be extracted to make it easy for you to extend use cases.

Interested in The Future of Lunch?

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