Why the Future of Food Series?

To make the most informed decisions it has never been more important to keep tabs on the food and beverage trends shaping the industry. Industry leaders need to understand consumption trends, the outlook for the various meal occasions, and how aging and population shifts will impact the food industry. The Future of Food Series guides your data-driven decision strategy with forecasts and forward-looking industry insights. Reports are available for the morning, dinner and snacking occasions, and how plant-based alternative trends are reshaping the industry.

Behavior-Based Forecasting

With detailed data and expert insight on generational cohorts, category trends, and population shifts, like aging and lifecycle, The Future of Food Series helps you understand how the evolving consumer landscape will affect your category’s future. Get the best view of the market. NPD leverages sophisticated research techniques, proprietary solutions, and unique data assets that have been trusted by industry leaders for decades.

Industry Expertise

You get our experienced analysts’ perspectives on industry trends and evolving consumer behaviors. Their deep industry expertise is supported by our unmatched data assets, like the National Eating Trends® panel, which has tracked consumption for more than 30 years.

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