Strategize with confidence: snacking behavior insights through 2023

Spending more time at home over the past year, U.S. consumers have developed a new relationship with snacking. As a result, snacking motivations have changed, as have the snack foods that people are consuming. They’re embracing snack foods as a form of comfort and entertainment, shifting growth toward previously-challenged indulgence categories after a decade of wellness-focused needs. Will these changes stick, or will consumers revert to previous behaviors?

The Future of Snacking report from The NPD Group shows what snack food consumption will look like over the next two years, revealing your most promising opportunities for growth. Insights from the report will help you make more realistic predictions, build and strengthen consumer relationships to shape future behavior, and refine your business and marketing strategies to address what’s ahead. It’s a new source for input when it’s time to rethink your positioning and develop compelling products that satisfy your customers’ evolving needs.

Business Benefits

  • Understand the direction of consumer trends for snack food consumption so you can plan winning strategies
  • Learn about the behaviors and needs that will drive snacking growth over the next two years in order to develop targeted products and determine the most effective ways to market them
  • Identify key generational differences so you can target the correct consumer groups and capitalize on predicted changes

Industry Expertise

In a world where consumers increasingly call the shots, it has never been more important to keep tabs on the food and beverage trends shaping the industry. No one knows more about how people eat and drink than The NPD Group. For decades, we’ve been the definitive source of information on food and beverage consumption, whether at home or away from home. We track consumer behavior, attitudes, and usage motivators — from diet and nutrition to shopping habits and brand awareness — to help you solve your biggest business challenges.


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