Three-year forecasts reveal the levers you need to pull to improve business performance

As innovation continues to transform the footwear market, it’s more important than ever to know what the future holds. Our new report,  The Future of Footwear, is your interactive look into the future. Its category-specific forecasts give you a trusted, third-party check on the decisions you’ve made and those you’re considering.

What’s Included?

Multiple Waves of Forecasts — This package includes waves of forecasts to 2023, fueled by NPD’s best-in-class POS data. Waves feature pre-COVID-19 benchmark forecasts and updates to both supercategories and subcategories, to include COVID-19 impacts. The data covers more than 100 product categories with emphasis on footwear industry trends.

Analyst Perspectives — You get NPD’s experienced analysts’ perspectives on industry trends and evolving consumer behaviors.

Consumer Segmentation — A proprietary model shows the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy and what economic recovery forecasts will look like.

Access to Survey Data — Get access to NPD’s ongoing COVID-19 tracker survey dataset, updated bi-weekly. Use it to understand purchase intent and purchase channel shifts by consumers as the nation reopens and the economy recovers.

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