Three-year forecasts and Industry Analyst commentary reveal the levers you need to pull to improve business performance

As trends, innovation, and changing buying behavior continue to transform the U.S. Beauty market, it’s critical to know what the future holds and what is fueling growth. The U.S. Beauty Forecasts gives you a trusted, third-party check on the decisions you’ve made and those you’re considering.

What’s Included?

  • Three Year Forecasts – Over 15 forecasts project dollars, units, and ASP for up to 3 years, at varying levels and roll-ups of the point-of-sale hierarchy. Forecasts are refreshed six months later, refining them based on changing market conditions.
    – Forecasts include makeup, skincare, fragrances and hair.
    – Forecasted channel splits are also available for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, and total market by segment. 
  • Analyst Perspectives – Explore exclusive insights from NPD’s experienced industry experts, delivered twice per year, with commentary on their expectations for the industry’s future. Insights include highlights from the forecasts, detail on industry trends, and a look at evolving consumer purchase behaviors.

Interested in The U.S. Beauty Forecasts?

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