New release windowing decisions are no longer one size fits all. Getting your strategy right can be the difference between financial success and ruin. 

Before deciding on your content’s distribution strategy, it’s essential to understand the complete view of consumers’ viewership behavior. Uncover how factors like non-exclusive licenses and release timing affect streaming engagement hours.  

Circana’s unparalleled data and deep industry expertise can help you answer these questions:

  • Where should I distribute?
  • What is the value of my content? 
  • What is the scale of my audience? 
  • Where is the best home for my programming?

“Non-exclusive licensing is quickly becoming the industry buzz term of 2023. Using exclusive content to bolster subscribers is “so 2022” as the industry returns to the decades-old, tried-and-true approach of maximizing content monetization. That means broader access and less title exclusivity for non-tentpole releases. We’ve been researching this and can tell you the engagement hours for the same program are far from equal across streaming services. Think about how that factors into your licensing fee.” 

John Buffone

John Buffone
Vice President, Industry Advisor

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