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We offer the following services for clients doing business in China:


CREST® is NPD’s flagship information service for the foodservice industry. It captures consumer information about commercially prepared meals and snacks, enabling you to understand where consumers eat, what they eat, and how much they spend. Armed with this information, you can stay on top of industry trends and ahead of the competition.


The E-commerce Tracking Service for the toy industry in China presents the most complete, accurate, and comprehensive information about how your sales compare to the competition. You also get insight into channels, top-selling items, and popular licenses to help you track trends, identify business opportunities, and grow sales.


The E-commerce Tracking Service in China provides you with monthly online prestige beauty sales information. Data is available for the skincare, makeup, fragrance, and haircare categories. You receive sales performance data down to the sub-segment and sub-brand levels. It also gives you a view of channels, the competitive landscape, top-selling items, and product attributes. Stay ahead of your competition with timely access to details on emerging trends.


Chinese consumers’ enthusiasm for luxury consumption has made China’s luxury market one of the fastest-growing, fastest-moving in the world. The E-commerce Tracking Service in China provides down-to-item data and insights on the latest luxury trends in China so you can position your business for growth now and in the future.

Sports Footwear and Apparel

The China Sports Footwear and Apparel E-commerce Tracking Service covers sales of international and domestic brands in China’s e-commerce channels. Reporting includes sales value, sales volume, average price, channel type, store type, price band, gender, and franchise down to the item level. The service is based on best-in-class data from online retailers including Tmall and, complemented by deep industry expertise. The service offers you a monthly view of e-commerce channel performance.

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