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About NPD

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The NPD Group provides market information and advisory services to help our clients make better business decisions -- including developing and offering the right products in the right places at the right prices for the right people in order to grow their businesses...

We introduced sales tracking in many of our industries, initially using consumer panels, and are known as the industry authority for market size and trends.  We started our first retail tracking service for toys in 1984 and have launched services in more than a dozen industries since then.  Today, we track businesses representing over $1 trillion in sales in the Americas and more across Europe and Asia-Pac.

We have brought many other industry firsts to clients.  In-home product purchase scanning, bar-coded surveys, website intercept sampling, computer-based meters, and receipt harvesting are all part of NPD’s patent portfolio.  We continue to innovate to meet the needs of today’s businesses, offering new solutions to drive manufacturer-retailer collaboration and address a range of complex business issues.

Our Industries

Our Solutions

Our solutions include tracking services, analytic solutions, and advisory services.

Tracking Services  provide information on what is selling, who is buying, where they are buying, and at what price.

Analytic Solutions address specific needs including category management, forecasting, price evaluation, marketing evaluation and testing, and custom research.

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