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Careers in Client Development / Retail Business Group

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Careers in Client Development / Retail Business Group

With touch points across all the industries NPD tracks, the group is responsible for our clients’ engagement and relationship with our products. We keep client satisfaction levels high to maintain and grow a strong revenue stream. Our clients are some of the largest companies in the world. They are leaders in their categories and rely on our information and expertise to help them make decisions that drive their businesses forward. This group is committed and crucial to our clients’ success.

The Retail Business Group manages our vital relationship with nearly 400 Retail Partners spanning more than 20 industries. The retailers provide essential data for our services. We aim to be integral to our client’s success. The data we provide our industry clients gives them a detailed picture of the market and their place within it. They are searching for ways to improve revenue and market share; they use our information, industry expertise, and thought leadership to achieve their goals.

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