Celebrating 50 Years of Industry Firsts

On September 28, NPD celebrated our 50th anniversary. On that day in 1966, Henry Brenner sold the Home Testing Institute, and National Purchase Diary Panel, Inc. was formed. From this humble beginning, NPD has grown into a leading provider of information and advisory services with global reach. But one thing has remained constant, an unwavering commitment to helping our customers be more successful by understanding their customers.

Over the years our passion for identifying, analyzing, and reporting consumer trends has led to numerous industry firsts. We invented and patented household scanner technology. We were the first to bring point-of-sale tracking to general merchandise categories – and now offer data and expertise in more than 20 industries. The breakthrough Web tracking technology that became the PC Meter and was spun off as Media Metrix was also born at NPD. As we changed, we changed our name, too. With diary panels no longer the cornerstone of our business, we became The NPD Group.

Today, new technology is enabling us to deliver more granular information, collected at the store level and unlocking new insights that can be used in new ways. We have introduced analytic solutions to help our clients understand purchase drivers and predict performance. And we are redefining consumer tracking with receipt harvesting, which underpins our Checkout Tracking service.

We recently celebrated our anniversary at our first executive summit, IDEA 2016: Disruptovate to Win! Our goal was to offer our guests a glimpse into the future, as well as the opportunity to network with each other and hear from some of our leading brand and industry disruptors. We walked away quite inspired, and our clients said they did, too!

As we look to the future, we will of course continue to innovate, always looking for new ways to keep changing the game as consumer tastes and trends evolve. After all, we are in the business of providing not just data but data-driven confidence. We won’t succeed without helping you succeed. Looking back and looking ahead, it’s always been – and will continue to be – about you.

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