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Reliable, Representative Consumer Panel Research

Nearly 2 million people provide information for our consumer tracking services.  As members of our online panel, they tell us what they buy, where, and for how much. 

This market research gives our clients a comprehensive view of consumer behavior and attitudes across all distribution channels and demographics.   It can be used to track purchasing, consumption, ownership, and usage. The online consumer panel also provides information on customer satisfaction and allows us to conduct custom surveys for even greater detail about the market factors driving consumer behavior.

NPD market research is based on responses from nationally representative samples. Our Research Science team’s extensive expertise in sampling and weighting techniques ensures return samples are demographically balanced to reflect the total population.

By calibrating information from our online consumer panel with the point-of-sale (POS) data we collect from retailers, we can deliver the most reliable market views in the industry sectors we track. This information gives clients unique insight into their markets and customers.

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