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Industry Experts

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Brad Akyuz
Director Access Practice, Connected Intelligence

Brad Akyuz has been serving as a Director, Access Practice for Connected Intelligence since late 2010. He is responsible for the development and production of various quantitative solutions for the Connected Intelligence division, focusing primarily on all products and services encompassing the mobile broadband ecosystem. As an industry analyst, he had previously been sought by major print and online publications including Wall Street Journal, Wireless Week, RCRNews, Forbes.com, Information Week, CMP publications and local papers including San Diego Union Tribune, Atlanta Constitution Journal and Washington Post. Most recently, he was featured as a speaker in RCR Wireless' webinar titled "The Current State of Mobile Devices".

Ben Arnold
Executive Director, Industry Analyst

Ben Arnold is an industry analyst for The NPD Group, covering consumer electronics with an emphasis on video and audio products. A veteran analyst, he has covered the media and technology industries for over 10 years with an eye on trends in consumer habits and usage.

Stephen Baker
Vice President of Industry Analysis

Vice President of Industry Analysis for Consumer Technology Stephen Baker offers expert insight and commentary to clients and the media about consumer technology sales and trends across the U.S. and regionally. His perspectives cover retail and ecommerce, computer hardware and peripherals, holiday and yearly sales results, and analysis of new products and their impact on the consumer technology market.

Harry Balzer
Chief Industry Analyst and Vice President

Not many people in the United States have followed Americans’ actual eating patterns as long as Chief Industry Analyst and Vice President Harry Balzer. A national expert on food and diet trends, Harry is the author of our Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. More than 90 percent of the nation’s food and beverage manufacturers and restaurant operators rely on Harry and our data. He is widely known within the industry as a consistent source for information on actual consumer eating habits – not just what they say they are doing, but what they really do!

John Buffone
Executive Director, Industry Analyst, Connected Intelligence

John Buffone is the director of device research for Connected Intelligence, part of The NPD Group. He is responsible for developing research solutions and services that focus on how cellular- and Internet-connected devices are rapidly changing the way consumers use technology at home and on the go.

Liam Callahan
Director, Games Industry Analyst

Liam Callahan is an industry analyst for Video and PC Games at NPD. Besides producing day-to-day analysis for clients and developing presentations, Liam is primarily responsible for the Games Market Dynamics reports which quantify consumer spending activities beyond new physical purchases at retail. Liam advises ongoing enhancements to the surveys and products along with producing the key finding for reports. Liam has worked at NPD for 8 years in a variety of roles covering new product launches, product management and consumer surveys.

Marshal Cohen
Chief Industry Analyst

Marshal Cohen chief industry analyst of The NPD Group, Inc., is a nationally known expert on consumer behavior and the retail industry. He has followed retail trends for more than thirty years, at NPD and as the head of leading fashion and apparel manufacturers as well as major retailers.  As part of his work at NPD, Marshal leads many top firms in long range and strategic planning sessions.  He often utilizes motivational presentations to help launch corporate goals and kick-off meetings. Marshal is the author of two books, Why Customers Do What They Do (2006) and Buy Me! How to Get Customers to Choose Your Products and Ignore the Rest (2010).

Russ H. Crupnick
Sr. Vice President, Industry Analysis

Sr. Vice President, Industry Analysis, Russ Crupnick provides executive-level guidance, industry analysis, and overall strategic value to our clients and expert media commentary. 

Karen Grant
Vice President and Global Beauty Industry Analyst

Vice President and Global Beauty Industry Analyst Karen Grant provides a comprehensive view of the market – coupling expertise on brand management with the strategic insights of market research. Regarded as our beauty industry expert, her concentration is on uncovering emerging market trends, brand vulnerabilities, and opportunities. Karen’s expertise is in providing market insights and evaluating new and missed client opportunities and competitive threats. She provides ongoing consultation to the leading retailers and beauty manufacturers, as well as top financial institutions.

Eddie Hold
Vice President, Connected Intelligence

Eddie Hold is the Vice President of The NPD Group's Connected Intelligence business unit. In this role, Eddie is responsible for managing the overall unit, maintaining the direction, creation and expansion of the content. He also works closely with clients to help shape their strategies within the connected ecosystem as the market adapts to embrace convergent devices and the blurring of home and mobile strategies for device, content, and broadband access.

Debra J. Mednick
Executive Director and Home Industry Analyst

Debra J. Mednick is executive director and home industry analyst for The NPD Group. In this role, Mednick provides a comprehensive view of the market – along with her client expertise and strategic insights of market research. Regarded as the home industry expert, Mednick’s concentration is on uncovering emerging market trends, providing competitive threats and evaluating new client opportunities. Debra is credited with ensuring clients maximized use of their data subscription in the most efficient manner possible.  In addition, she has effectively advised clients in seeking an enhanced approach to analyzing, reporting and presenting data to a variety of audiences.

David Portalatin
Executive Director of Industry Analysis The NPD Group, Inc.

David Portalatin is the industry analyst for The NPD Group’s automotive aftermarket division. His diverse background and experience give him an in-depth understanding of consumer purchase patterns and trends in the automotive aftermarket, motor fuels, and convenience retailing industries.

Bonnie Riggs
Restaurant Industry Analyst

Bonnie Riggs is the restaurant industry analyst for The NPD Group’s foodservice division. She has over 25 years of restaurant industry market research experience. Bonnie’s knowledge of the industry and its consumers enables her to provide in-depth insights into the state of the industry, consumer trends, and forecasts of what's in store for the industry.

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Sarah Bogaty
Commercial Technology, Consumer Technology, Mobile, Connected Intelligence


Erin Cohen


Janine Marshall
Home, Beauty, Office Supplies


Kim McLynn
Automotive, Food & Beverage, Foodservice


David Riley
Entertainment, Video Games, Toys

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