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Holiday Performance Extended Year of Growth in Small Appliance Market

Feb 7, 2017
Dave Adamchick, Manager (Canada) ;

2016 was a great year in the Kitchen Electrics market, ending the year up +6% in dollars, with dollar growth in all but four of the Kitchen Electrics categories NPD measures. A large factor in the overall performance for 2016 was the fact that Q4 was up +7%. November-December, the months most important to the holidays, were also up 7% vs. the same period last year, accompanied by +1% overall unit growth.

Vacuum growth was driven by Stick and Robotic Vacuums, with Stick up 28% in during the two key holiday months.  Personal Care overall growth was +5% YoY, with strong growth in Hair Dryers, and Men’s Trimmers.

Total Coffee is seeing continued strength, up +4% in November-December, ending the year +6%. Units in November-December grew +2%, with Auto Drip and Espresso combined picking up most of the unit volume. Espresso makers were a particularly hot item in Nov-Dec, up over 30% compared to last year. If you were watching the flyers during this timeframe you couldn’t help but notice the hot promotions in this category, and clearly they moved the needle.

One product to watch in the coming year is Multi-cookers. The Cookers category (including slow cookers, rice cookers, steamers, fryers, roaster ovens and multi-cookers) grew 20% in November-December. Many of these categories in Cookers are growing, but Multi-cookers have more than doubled dollar sales in 2016. Multi-cookers were also near the top YoY dollar growth categories in all Small Appliances. The category builds on the trend we’ve observed for a while now – growth in devices aimed at reducing time spent on food prep – or even handling the whole process or reducing it to a few steps – slow cookers, toasters, breakfast sandwich makers, and blenders are similar examples.

Overall for Small Appliances, 2016 was the strongest revenue year in the last four years.  Hopefully 2017 continues to build on this strength.


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