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Nov 19, 2018

How Home Will Heat Up Holiday Again in 2018

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Home products have been in the holiday spotlight over the past two years, delivering some of the hottest sellers of the season – a la Instant Pot fame of 2017. According to NPD’s 2018 Holiday Purchase Intentions survey, 1 in 3 shoppers plan to purchase home products this holiday season, so it should be another good year for the home industry.

The products that I expect to be hot sellers this holiday season speak to the big trends of convenience and entertaining that have been driving our industry forward. But the biggest boost will come from the new product innovations and marketing approaches that inspire gifting as well as self-gifting.

First half carries through to Holiday.

The top home categories from the first half of the year that speak to the basic needs and wants of consumers will continue to be of interest during holiday. 

  • Air Fryers
  • Hair Stylers
  • Multi-Cookers
  • Robotic Vacuums

Traditional winners will return.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional items and last minute stocking stuffers will once again be season winners for the home industry.

  • Blenders
  • Cold Brew Coffee Makers
  • Electric Toothbrushes
  • Espresso Makers
  • Oral Irrigators
  • Stand Mixers

Innovation captures attention.

  • ‘Smart’ appliances are still in the early stages, but they are gaining traction. This will be especially important to watch in robotic vacuums where connected technology now represents half of all category sales, according to NPD’s IoT Connected Report Series.
  • New solutions to old problems, like we’re seeing in new product introductions in the hair styling and blending categories will drive consumer excitement this holiday season. And, it won’t just be these products that benefit – complementary categories, and products that market themselves as solving similar problems can reap ancillary rewards as well.

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