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Sep 20, 2016
Office Supplies

Office Supplies - Putting Fashion into Function

The back-to-school season is drawing to a close and classes are underway around the U.S. for elementary and college students alike. For office supplies industry players, September also means it’s ...

On the Move

Planning, organizing, and executing a move to a new home, apartment, dorm, or city is never easy. Between childhood homes, campus dorms, and apartment living, I’ve done my share of moving over the...

Jul 20, 2016
Office Supplies

School Supply Charitable Giving

Every year during the back-to-school season, the building where I live holds a school supply drive asking residents to donate supplies for school children and to help families in need. As school s...

Feb 11, 2016
Office Supplies

Paperworld Germany At A Glance

One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard so far while researching trends on the back-to-school season compares the first day of school to walking the runway, with shoppers taking time to add a bit of ‘ext...

Feb 11, 2016
Office Supplies

Keeping A Pulse On The Growing Handmade Movement

Consumers’ fascination with adult coloring books is only one example of the many developments within the handmade movement that’s helping to boost sales of coloring, art, and writing supplies. Accordi...

Jan 18, 2016
Office Supplies

What Women Want

As the large glass doors slide open, a rush of sounds race to greet my sister and I – metal clinking, repetitive beeps, the rustle of plastic, and bits of chatter overheard from nearby conversations. ...