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Vincent Moy

Director, Industry Analyst - Entertainment

Vincent Moy is the Industry Analyst for NPD’s Entertainment practice. He has a deep understanding of the home video landscape, having witnessed the early adoption of DVD players, consumers’ transition to digital cable and satellite service, the dawn of Blu-ray technology, and the emergence of digital video content to its prominence today. His 14 years in the industry have been dedicated to understanding consumers’ viewing behavior across platforms, motivations and situational use cases, and the impact of the retail environment and macro-trends affecting the entertainment industry as a whole.

Prior to joining NPD, Vincent served as Vice President – Research at Paramount Home Entertainment and Director, Market Research at Warner Home Video. Through his leadership, both studios employed a wide variety of custom research methodologies that provided critical decision-making data and insights in a rapidly evolving marketplace. In addition to his intimate knowledge of the category, Vincent is an avid fan of the action-adventure, sci-fi and fanboy genres.

Vincent holds an MBA from California State University, Northridge and a BS in Marketing from the University of Florida.

Recent Posts

Oct 31, 2016
I’m a little bit Country – Who knew?

I often catch myself humming a song that’s stuck in my head. Maybe it’s something I heard mixed into the Pandora Top Hits station, or it could be from a video that auto-played on Vevo.

Aug 26, 2016
Olympic Gold Turns to Marketing Green

Everyone loves a winner. Athletes who competed in the Rio Games have more to look forward to than victory parades and talk show guest spots.

Aug 10, 2016
The Impact of Celebrities: From Box Office to Ballot Box

Celebrity star-spotting is either a national pastime or collective guilty pleasure, depending on how you look at it. Have you ever glanced up when someone nearby exclaimed, “Look! It’s Tiger Woods/Gwen Stefani/ Sean Penn/(insert other famous person here)”?

Jun 29, 2016
In Search of…What’s on TV?

In Search of…What’s on TV?

Feb 2, 2016
Streaming For Sundance: The Future Model?

Streaming For Sundance: The Future Model?

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