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If Consumers Call It Meat, It’s Meat

There is a debate surrounding the formal definitions of “meat” and “milk” in light of more plant-based meat and milk alternatives in the marketplace.

Today’s Realities Are Redefining Foodservice

Convenience is and will always be the chief reason consumers use restaurants, but the definition of convenience changes as consumers’ daily realities change.

Watch Out World, Here Come the Zs!

Although it may be easy to assume that Gen Zs will carry on the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials, that assumption is likely incorrect.

New Year, New Realities

Technology, generational change, and emerging consumer food values will result in new realities for both retail food and foodservice in 2018 and beyond.

Foodservice Convenience At The Speed Of Light

I have been in the foodservice industry, actually working in the industry and later watching the industry, for a real long time.

Pizza Hut Delivers in the Flood

I'm a Houston resident and like most Houstonians I've been battling flood waters all week. One of the things I’ve been amazed by during Harvey is just how good the food industry is.

What’s Really Happening With Independent Restaurants?

I’m very privileged to get to travel this great nation each week and share data and insights about food and beverage consumption trends.

The Growing Influence of U.S. Hispanics: Are you Ready?

Beyond making foods simpler to prepare or helping Hispanics by reducing the time it takes to prepare ingredients, there are other ways to take those little steps along the path to long-term success.

Globally Mobile

The old method of ordering is the same size that it was ten quarters ago and the other two methods have grown consistently, quarter-after- quarter.

Most Millennials are Vegetarians...Kind Of

I love reading things about the tastes of Millenials. For instance, I recently read that restaurants supposedly can really go a long way with them by offering vegetarian fare. I've been using

Foodservice Delivery’s One-Two Punch

The introduction of apps that aggregate many different restaurants, chains, and independents has created a situation in which local restaraunts in general are now able to compete with chains on a more equal footing.

Predictions for the Food and Beverage Industry: Consumers Having It Their Way

younger consumers already consume fresh foods at rates higher than older adults did when they were the same age.

From Dubai: An American Perspective on Delivery Tech

The Americans, like the Chinese, Canadians, Australians and various Europeans, are concerned about food delivery services apps.

Generation Alpha Rises

I was just at a global foodservice conference in Dubai (with a distinctly American agenda) and came across the term "Generation Alpha," which covers anyone born after 2010.

A Coffee Shop Down Under Defines Authenticity

This little business, Two Penny Blue (the name refers to a stamp), is maybe my favorite business in the world. It's tucked into an arch in the old post office building in Sydney, Australia.

Is it Time for Innovation in the Yogurt Category?

Quark cheese is not yogurt, but it is consumed the same way, tastes and looks similar, and wouldn't ask consumers to make any drastic changes in their behaviors.

Pizza Roboto

3-D pizza printers with robotic ovens/cutters/boxers inside self-driving delivery vans.

Fly My Pretties, Fly!!

Two blistering hot delivery stories in the news this week: Amazon Food in London and Chipotle/Alphabet delivering burritos at Virginia Tech via drone.

An Etsy-like App for Home Cooked Meals

While it's hard to compete with traditional take home foods, no single home cook needs a mass market.

Brexit and Global Foodservice

The British market was the strongest global market in Q2 2016 tracked by NPD's CREST foodservice market research.

To the Internet I Eat, Follow Up

Executive director of food consumption and beverage, Darren Seifer shares his experience with meal delivery kits and is curious to see if he can stick with it.

To The Internet I Eat!

Two blistering hot delivery stories in the news this week: Amazon Food in London and Chipotle/Alphabet delivering burritos at Virginia Tech via drone.

“There’s a war on sugar – not candy”

NPD’s ongoing snacking research shows that consumers try to avoid sugar earlier in the day, but around 8 pm they are most likely to indulge in sweets.

That Was Then

We found that consumers were reporting a fair number of broiled chicken sandwiches at a chain that we knew did not offer broiled chicken sandwiches.


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