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Apr 20, 2016
Video Games

eSports and Streaming Gameplay: Big, Engaging, and Changing the Way Video Games are Marketed

eSports is one of the newest and largest trends in gaming, with our recent findings showing a substantial number of U.S. gamers (33 percent) have watched a formal eSport competition, and 42 percent ha...

Oct 15, 2015
Video Games

Video Game Holiday Expectations: The Gift of Growth

We are now halfway through October and in the beginnings of the gaming holiday season. Typically, the fourth quarter (Q4) of the calendar year represents just over 40% of the year’s sales, due to a co...

Oct 8, 2015
Video Games

The Kids Are Alright

“Going Mobile!” Though Pete Townshend of The Who was referring to the joy of traveling the open road in a mobile home, and not the use of mobile phones, I keep hearing that song in my head when thinki...

Jun 15, 2015
Video Games

E3 2015 Expectation

As I head to E3 2015 (I am literally in the air right now as I am writing this), I am excited at the prospect of how this year’s show will compare to previous ones … the industry is evolving at breakn...

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