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Automotive Aftermarket Market Research & Business Solutions

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We are the premium provider of automotive aftermarket research information for the U.S. automotive aftermarket industry and petroleum marketing companies. For more than 25 years we have tracked buying trends to provide important consumer information. Industry leaders depend on our automotive aftermarket research and industry analysis to support their strategic decision-making and increase their understanding of consumer behavior.

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Tracking and Premium Services

Retail Tracking

Our Retail Tracking Service delivers unmatched point-of-sale information so you can understand market dynamics, partner with retailers, and identify growth opportunities. Like no other source, we provide a complete and accurate view of the automotive products market. Information is collected from our retail panel covering 80 percent of the total U.S. market, including 18 retailers from the mass and automotive specialty channels.

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Weekly Retail Tracking

Now you can monitor product launches, promotions, and seasonal sales cycles, especially when fast market response is required. This service delivers a clear view of a promotion’s impact during the week or weeks the promotional event occurred. It gives you the flexibility to more effectively analyze sales influenced by holidays, seasons, and weather events. You can use this weekly information to analyze actual market price changes with increased precision, so you can better align pricing with drivers. It enables an apples-to-apples comparison to year-ago time periods.

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Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking

Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking complements our national Retail Tracking Service – it can help you determine whether sales are distribution-driven or whether certain parts of the country are contributing more to national share or driving growth. The velocity measure set that is part of Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking takes into consideration sales volume (Annualized Industry Volume or AIV) rather than considering store count alone, for a more meaningful read on where products are selling and how they are performing.

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Account Level Reports

These reports enable retailers who choose this option to share their information with approved vendors, allowing vendors to analyze business performance at specific retailers down to the item level in many instances. By making this report available to their vendors, retailers can work together with them to optimize performance. These reports may only be made available with the express permission of the retailer.

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Car Care Track

Look to Car Care Track for in-depth consumer behavior data for mapping long-term, sustainable growth in the automotive industry. With consumer profiles, category trends, and consumer purchase behavior detail, it offers a complete profile of the “do-it-yourself” and “do-it-for-me” customer markets throughout the U.S.

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Motor Fuels Index

Explore the most comprehensive source of information for understanding the gasoline consumer and tracking trends in the U.S. gasoline marketplace. Based on information provided by more than 200,000 households annually, Motor Fuels Index helps petroleum marketing companies analyze and react to shifts in consumer behavior and keep up with marketplace changes.


  • Unleaded Gasoline (regular, mid-grade, premium)
  • Diesel
  • Alternative Fuels

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Shopping Activity Services

Get access to insights on shopping, browsing, and buying visits across all channels, retailers, categories, and demographics. View conversion rate and average spend measures and see how they vary by retailer, season, and demographic. Gain an understanding of where else your customer is shopping and buying.

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Analytics & Modeling

Analytics & Modeling solutions help uncover what's behind sales and market share to drive more effective business decisions. Our analytic team leverages NPD information and industry expertise – sometimes combined with third-party data – to identify an opportunity, evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing effort, uncover threats, forecast a category, or optimize pricing.

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Custom Market Research 

Custom market research lets you go straight to consumers for answers to your product development, advertising, packaging, and other business questions. When should you release a new product? Why are sales declining among some specific demographic? What do consumers really think of your brand?

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David Portalatin
Executive Director of Industry Analysis, Automotive Aftermarket

David Portalatin is the industry analyst for The NPD Group’s Automotive practice. His diverse background and experience give him an in-depth understanding of consumer purchase patterns and trends in the automotive aftermarket, motor fuels, and convenience retailing industries.

Perry James
President U.S. Hardlines

Perry James is president of U.S Hardlines at The NPD Group, which encompasses the Automotive Aftermarket, Home, Office Supplies, and Toys businesses, a position he has held since 2013. Prior to that, he was president of the Home and Office Supplies businesses, and he successfully launched the latter in 2007.  James is responsible for all aspects of business management, including marketing, sales, and client and product development. He provides executive-level guidance, industry analysis, and overall strategic value to clients who are engaged in the consumer and commercial side of the office supplies and home industries.

James has been with The NPD Group for 20 years. In that time, he has also worked in the company’s Fashion business. Before joining NPD, he was with AC Nielsen.

James holds an M.B.A. from New York University and a B.S. from the University of Connecticut.

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