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The connected consumer is driving innovation at a dizzying rate.

Content-based industries are migrating to a digital environment that continues to morph as streaming overtakes downloads. Mobile, the very market that drove much of this disruption, is itself facing disruption as consumers seek to connect across multiple platforms both inside and outside of their homes. And items once thought of as immune to the Internet’s power – like thermostats, refrigerators, and light switches – are now part of the “connected” home.

Connected Intelligence® from The NPD Group provides a deep understanding of the connected consumer, including both mobile and home-based experiences. It encompasses the types of content driving current and future use, the devices used to access this content, and the broadband data services used – and needed – to drive demand. 

The service is broken into four key, interrelated practices:

  • Digital Distribution –  Understanding consumer adoption of devices and services for video in the home
  • Home Automation – Examining the growing demand for home-based IoT services
  • Mobility – Focused on smartphone and tablet ownership and use
  • Wearables – Tracking smartwatches, activity trackers, and other devices, with a deep understanding of the consumer base

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