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What online promotional tactics work well with which demographics? What sorts of in-game and in-app purchases are young consumers making? What level of penetration has online shopping made in apparel, beauty, footwear, elsewhere? Where is there room to grow? What is the impact of same-day delivery among retailers? These are the sorts of questions about e-commerce that The NPD Group can answer.

As e-commerce continues to grow its share of consumer spending, The NPD Group is uniquely, and perfectly, situated to understand what’s happening. By collecting information at the point-of-sale and from consumers themselves we are able to offer rich insight into what’s selling, who’s buying, and through which channels.

NPD introduced retail sales tracking in many general merchandise categories and we continue to innovate today with new methodologies that further illuminate shopping behavior and the factors that drive it – more important than ever as consumers, now firmly in control, continue to shape the retail landscape.

Our latest innovation is Checkout Tracking℠, which gives us access to millions of electronic receipts from more than 2 million inboxes.

These receipts are from real people who willingly share the details of their online purchases at retail (as well as those from in-app and full-game mobile purchases in the games industry). As a result we can provide you with precise, item-level purchase detail linked to buyers and their demographics – at the category, brand, and item levels.

The data comes from large-scale longitudinal panels, making it possible to study the same consumers over time, analyze competitive market baskets, and identify purchase patterns.

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