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Today’s audience is everywhere – in every room, on every device, on every platform. Whether streaming or downloading, buying or renting, on the go or on the couch, big screen or phone screen, consumers can watch entertainment anywhere, anytime. With such fragmented viewing behavior, it can be difficult to truly understand audience behavior. That’s where we come in. We’ve tracked media entertainment behavior for more than 10 years, leading to unmatched insight on your target audiences. We offer deep data, industry expertise, and analytic solutions for studios, content distributors, streaming services, retailers, financial analysts, and others in the entertainment industry. We can help you stay on top of shifting tastes and trends.

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TV Ownership Trends

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DataCategories Tracked

Subscription Video Track

Subscription Video Track measures Netflix and Hulu viewership at the title level and subscribers’ level of engagement with SVOD content over time.

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Connected Intelligence®

Connected Intelligence® gives you a complete view of the entire connected device market, from digital distribution and home automation to mobility and wearables. Make data-driven decisions based on your own customers’ needs and behaviors instead of relying on national norms.

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Monitor DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD disc sales, based on information collected from retailers and channel partners. Understand disc movement down to the title level, on a weekly basis, in local U.S. and Canadian markets.

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Prescriptive Analytics


Whether you are looking to define your customer segments or refine them, we offer a deep look into purchasing trends by segment.

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Pricing Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of past promotions and simulate the impact of future promotional, discount, and base price changes.

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Subscription Video Track

Our Subscription Video Track provides title-level insights about the movies and TV content U.S. consumers — including kids — are watching on SVOD. Now you can analyze how much of a particular TV series viewers watched, explore the related content being consumed, and track other longitudinal trends.

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TV Switching Study

As consumers continue to cut the cord and streaming video proliferates through new subscription and ad-based services, it’s critical to stay on top of rapidly changing consumer behavior. The TV Switching Study, tracks changes in the ways U.S. consumers view and buy video content.

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Evolution of Entertainment

Explore segmented activity profiles that reveal how consumers prioritize their spending of time and money on entertainment. Explore the areas by level of COVID-19 impact, how often consumers engage in entertainment activities by demographic audience, and where they see themselves shifting behaviors as they adjust to their new normal.

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Entertainment Expertise

The NPD Group’s entertainment expertise ― built on best-in-class data, thought leadership, and unparalleled analytics ― equips industry leaders to grow their businesses in a rapidly changing environment. Get a holistic view across books, media entertainment, toys, and video games with robust insights and unmatched industry expertise.

Industry Expertise

“We’re living in the Golden Age of TV & Video where there are more programming and viewing options than ever before. This level of competition for viewer’s attention makes it critically important to know which services and content are best equip to maximize user engagement.”

John Buffone
Executive Director, Industry Analyst


The False TV Peak of 2020

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