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The entertainment industry has seen dramatic changes in the way consumers acquire and use entertainment content. Tastes and trends are shifting rapidly, forcing the industry to evolve at an equally rapid pace.

The NPD Group offers insights and solutions that equip studios, content distributors, retailers, financial analysts, entertainment marketers, talent management companies, and others in the entertainment industry to stay on top of shifting tastes and trends. NPD has tracked consumers’ entertainment behavior for more than 10 years, leading to unmatched industry perspective.


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Tracking and Premium Services


BrandLink℠ provides a fact-based rationale for creating highly targeted marketing programs around sponsorships and endorsements. Even when there is an obvious alignment between an entertainment category and a product category – such as football players endorsing a fast food chain or a popular beverage sponsoring a music tour– there can be big differences in how individual celebrities align with specific brands. The BrandLink service identifies individual consumers’ preferences – the athletes, TV personalities, comedians, and musicians they are fans of and the brands they use, stores and websites they visit, movies and TV shows they watch, and games they play. It reveals the celebrity best positioned to meet a brand’s specific marketing objectives, and then informs activation decisions that will unlock the full potential of that investment.

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Digital Video Outlook Report

Go beyond the numbers to understand digital entertainment consumers’ current and future usage levels. This analysis, produced eight times a year, measures hot topics within the entertainment industry, and also provides quarterly updates on digital consumption trends.

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Entertainment Trends in America

Get a wide-angle view across entertainment categories, with Entertainment Trends in America’s in-depth analysis of the music, film/video, and games industries. This series of reports, combined with our industry-leading consumer and point-of-sale information, delivers a clear understanding of the many entertainment options competing for consumers’ time, attention, and wallet share. The reports are based on a multi-part consumer study conducted twice a year to explore attitudes and behaviors. They can help your company identify who your customers are, examine the entertainment options they are choosing, and evaluate potential opportunities and risks for your business.

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In the quickly changing media landscape, understanding consumer preferences can be a challenge. MediaLink makes it easy to find and leverage that information. You can know audiences by the music artists they follow, the TV shows and networks they watch, the magazines they read, and the Web sites they visit. Based on consumer data collected from our online consumer panel, MediaLink is a bidirectional encyclopedia matching fans of various types of media with the music artists its fans follow. For example, you can pair a music artist with the TV shows his or her fans follow. Use it to create a complete media and demographic profile using any of over a thousand different media properties.

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Look to the only source that constantly monitors the home video market for reliable market research information on market drivers and consumer behavior. VideoWatch® covers purchases of new and previously-viewed titles, store-based and subscription-based rental, pay-per-view (PPV), video-on-demand (VOD), paid digital downloads, and free streaming.

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VideoWatch VOD Report

This report tracks what is driving or impeding the growth of Video-on-Demand (VOD) segments across the U.S. It explores and explains the opportunities and threats that over-the-top (OTT) video presents, not only to established Pay TV operators, but also to newer Internet VOD (iVOD) retailers. It also evaluates the impact the convergence of iVOD and Pay TV VOD has on programming and pricing

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VideoWatch Digital

Gain perspective into the rapidly-growing digital video sector with this comprehensive service. VideoWatch Digital provides an in-depth look at how consumers are interacting with both paid and free digital movies and TV shows. This service measures consumer choice for streaming and downloading digitally on an ongoing basis, including where people go and which devices they use to stream and watch digital video.

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Vincent Moy
Director, Industry Analyst – Entertainment

Vincent Moy is the Industry Analyst for The NPD Group’s Entertainment practice. He has a deep understanding of the home video landscape, having witnessed the early adoption of DVD players, consumers’ transition to digital cable and satellite service, the dawn of Blu-ray technology, and the emergence of digital video content to its prominence today. His 14 years in the industry have been dedicated to understanding consumers’ viewing behavior across platforms, motivations, situational use cases, and the impact of the retail environment and macro-trends on the entertainment industry as a whole.

Kevin Sherwood
Vice President, Entertainment

With nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Kevin Sherwood offers expertise that spans consumer insights, channel marketing, e-commerce, and sales. As Vice President of the Entertainment practice area, Kevin leads a team that includes client management/development, business development, and industry analysts. He sets the direction of the business to meet the industry’s rapidly evolving dynamics.

Kevin elevates the Entertainment practice by enhancing current products, expanding research capabilities, and launching new initiatives. He and his team work closely with clients to help shape their business strategies and gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics so they can make informed, actionable decisions.

Kevin previously served as the Executive Director of Client Development for NPD’s Entertainment group. Prior to joining NPD, he held positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including Hershey Foods, ConAgra, Coca-Cola, Vivendi Universal Games, News Corp/Fox Home Entertainment, and Fox Consumer Products.

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