Countless brands look to celebrity partnerships and endorsements to strengthen brand image and awareness. And sometimes obvious alignments exist between certain entertainment and product categories, like a football player endorsing a fast food chain, or a popular beverage sponsoring a music festival.

But within these broad categories, there can also be big differences in how individual celebrities align with specific brands. So how can you know ahead of time which celebrity will help you reach the right consumer?

NPD’s BrandLink® service provides fact-based answers to this question, using consumer insights to drive the decisions behind highly targeted marketing sponsorships and endorsements. BrandLink identifies individual consumer preferences:

  • The athletes, TV personalities, comedians, and musicians they follow
  • The brands they buy
  • Stores and websites they visit
  • Movies, TV shows, and games they consume

This data straight from fans can help you identify the celebrity best positioned to meet your specific marketing objectives, and the best way to activate that endorsement. Get answers to questions like:

Discover BrandLink. It provides a fact-based rationale for creating highly targeted marketing programs around sponsorships and endorsements.

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