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It’s never been more important for apparel brands to keep tabs on apparel industry trends. What’s hot today will be blasé tomorrow. Innovation becomes retro. Seasons change. Hemlines rise and fall ... and so do your sales figures. To help you win in this competitive and rapidly changing market, we provide the broadest and deepest global view of the apparel industry based on best-in-class point-of-sale (POS) and consumer data.

We also offer analytic solutions such as new product forecasting, segmentation, price and promotion evaluation, market forecasting, and more. Our industry analysts leverage these unmatched data assets to provide data-driven perspective as you navigate the complexities of a changing market landscape.

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May 18, 2021

The Future of Style

January 11, 2021

Finding Comfort in 2021

December 9, 2019

Online Holiday Delights

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DataCategories Tracked

Consumer Tracking

Understand who buys apparel, and how, why, and where they shop, with this unmatched view across all retail channels in the U.S and Canada—based on more than 12 million consumer surveys annually.

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Account Level Reports

Compare specific retailers with the rest-of-market to develop sales and marketing strategies that promote growth at those retailers. Our store-level data feeds report performance at an account level, enabling enhanced collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

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Retail Tracking

Make the most informed business decisions with knowledge of what’s selling across men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel at department stores, specialty stores, and national chains. We source our data directly from retailers at the point-of-sale (POS).

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Checkout Omnichannel Tracking

Leveraging an omnichannel panel of 150,000 actively engaged consumers, our Checkout service provides the total picture of what’s happening online and in stores and how that's changing over time.

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Trend Tracker

Track industry performance across all fashion categories, with this up-to-the-moment pulse on the latest fashion trends—easily viewable in our comprehensive portal.

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Prescriptive Analytics

The Future of Footwear

To make the most informed decisions you need to know how the market will perform, which consumer segments will drive growth, and how shopping will shift across channels. The Future of Series guides your strategy with sales forecasts and forward-looking industry insights. Covers 100+ product categories with emphasis on footwear industry trends.

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The Future of Apparel

To make the most informed decisions you need to know how the market will perform, which consumer segments will drive growth, and how shopping will shift across channels. The Future of Series guides your strategy with sales forecasts and forward-looking industry insights. Covers 250+ product categories with emphasis on tops, activewear, bottoms, intimates and underwear, socks and hosiery, and outerwear.

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Whether you are looking to define your customer segments or refine them, we offer a deep look into purchasing trends by segment.

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Pricing Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of past promotions and simulate the impact of future promotional, discount, and base price changes.

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Checkout Buyer Analytics

Buyer Analytics provide self-service Essentials or advanced solutions, so you can see online, in-store, and omnichannel opportunities. Dig deeper into your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

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Return to Workplace Report

The Return to Workplace Report follows the latest trends, tracking consumers who worked outside of the home prior to the pandemic and who have now begun to return to the workplace. It’s a new resource for guiding your decisions related to product, marketing, merchandising, and sales strategies so you can align with the consumer behavior changes in the new normal environment.

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A New Look at Luxury Consumers

Our Luxury team is focused on providing your industry’s best resources for understanding the luxury market and its consumers. You can take advantage of their industry expertise and our retail tracking data with the new Luxury Reporting Series. It details today’s U.S. luxury consumer and explores market dynamics.

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Evolution Reports

Available for bras, women’s denim, and men’s denim. Dive deep into these evolving markets  and understand shifts in U.S. shopping behavior. Get a look at how consumers shop, the path to purchase, retailer/brand preferences, consumer loyalty, and how you can influence the decision-making process to grow your business.

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We Track Fashion Apparel in the U.S. and Canada,
and Sports Apparel Across the Globe

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"The apparel industry is being challenged to respond to the latest changes being driven by the broader consumer and retail environment. The future of the apparel business depends on manufacturers and retailers refocusing on the current needs of each critical consumer segment."

Marshal Cohen
Chief Industry Advisor


A Minute with Marshal Cohen – New Season Equals New Opportunities

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