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As the economy fluctuates, so do consumers’ disposable income, discretionary spending, and demand for jewelry. All this volatility can make it challenging for business leaders to understand where the industry is headed. The world’s leading watch and jewelry retailers, manufacturers, and distributors turn to us to stay ahead. With our robust point-of-sale Retail Tracking Service, unmatched watch and jewelry industry expertise, and prescriptive analytics, we track market trends, understand consumers, and support you in driving profitable growth.

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“Even as gender neutrality is a growing trend in the watch category, for the first time in history we are seeing women’s watches outperform their male counterparts, and new models are leading the charge. There is an opportunity for the watch industry to improve sales with the introduction of new models in the channels that have yet to optimize the consumer’s desire for something new.”

Reginald Brack Executive Director, Watches and Luxury Industry Analyst

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Analytic Solutions

Analytic Solutions

Improve your marketing and product development by leveraging our advanced data techniques and proprietary solutions to predict areas of risk and growth. Uncover the “why behind the buy.”

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Custom Analysis

Custom Analysis

Answer your most pressing business questions. Whether you want to know in which cities your brand and products resonate most, the watch characteristics consumers seek, or which competing models are top-sellers in the market. NPD Custom Analysis makes sure that you’ll have the best information in hand to deliver the data-driven insights needed to make decisions.

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Retail Tracking

Retail Tracking

Make the most informed business decisions with point-of-sale data to understand what products sell across department stores, specialty stores, and national chains. Weekly data enables you to closely monitor performance—faster—to improve business results.

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