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Commercial Technology Market Research & Business Solutions

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The business of selling technology products into the commercial market is changing. Cloud services are displacing on-premises hardware and software. Employees are using their personal devices at work (BYOD). And there is more focus on services and less on ownership.

You can make sense of the shifts in this market using our commercial technology market research. It’s the industry’s authoritative resource for tracking and sales-out data in the total commercial channel. Tracking data from over 100 manufacturers, commercial resellers, and distributors makes us the only source for this information. Additionally, our monthly and weekly reports, available for key CE, BTO PC, storage, networking, and software categories, provide timely technology market research information and insights – including unmatched detail down to the item level. 

Beyond market measurement, we can combine our robust data assets and industry expertise – including your own data and third-party data, as needed – to address specific issues at each phase of your business cycle. 


Tracking and Premium Services

Distributor Track

Tap into the only source for total sales for the commercial channel. Monthly and weekly reports deliver timely information and analysis with unmatched, item-level detail. This aggregated sales data from the world’s leading IT distributors offers a precise view of distributor sales in all key CE, IT, and software categories. It includes information from members of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), with whom we have an exclusive North American partnership.

“NPD’s Distributor Track is an essential tool for any channel member looking to expand profit margins and boost channel opportunities.” Tim Curran, CEO, Global Technology Distribution Council

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Reseller Tracking

Explore the commercial purchasing of information technology products sold through national corporate resellers and direct marketers. This detailed, monthly market research information identifies the interests of corporate buyers and helps you understand and meet market needs. Our reseller point-of-sale data includes unmatched detail down to the item level.

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VAR Tracking

Get an exclusive view of what is selling and how much each product is selling for though the dynamic VAR channel.  Leverage monthly sales information that contains three years of historical data and provides views by product, category, brand, item, and attribute.

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SMB Technology Monitor

Gain access to new B2B insights on anticipated purchase intentions and spending, brand perceptions, and services attached to PCs, networking equipment, storage systems, servers, software, mobile devices, and printers. You can use this information to understand small and medium business (SMB) buying behavior and make informed business decisions related to the commercial market. This quarterly report is based on an online survey of SMB technology decision-makers

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Analytics & Modeling

Analytics & Modeling solutions help uncover what drives sales and market share to drive more effective business decisions. Our analytic team leverages NPD information and industry expertise – sometimes combined with third party data – to identify an opportunity, evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing effort, uncover threats, forecast a category or optimize pricing.

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Custom Market Research 

Custom market research lets you go straight to consumers for answers to your product development, advertising, packaging, and other business questions. When should you release a new product? Why are sales declining among some specific demographic? What do consumers really think of your brand?

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Stephen Baker
Vice President of Industry Analysis, Consumer Electronics

Vice President of Industry Analysis for Consumer Technology Stephen Baker offers expert insight and commentary to clients and the media about consumer technology sales and trends across the U.S. and regionally. His perspectives cover retail and ecommerce, computer hardware and peripherals, holiday and yearly sales results, and analysis of new products and their impact on the consumer technology market.

Ian Hamilton
President, Technology

Ian Hamilton is President of NPD's Technology business. In this role, Ian leads the Consumer, Commercial, and Mobile Technology practices in business planning and management; addressing product development needs; and overseeing all client-facing teams focused on new business development, current client development, and strategic partnerships. Ian’s team supports over 150 manufacturers, financial services analysts, government entities, commercial resellers, and distributors.

Ian’s 20-year career includes time with consulting firm Accenture and the Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT). Ian joined NPD with its 2007 acquisition of Current Analysis West, where he was the principal analyst and research lead focused on developing B2B channel marketing strategies for Fortune 500 technology organizations. Ian is based in NPD’s San Diego office, but you will often find him visiting clients or working in NPD’s New York offices.

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