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If you have kids, there’s likely a closet in your home full of discarded toys. Children change rapidly. As do their playthings. So too does the market that feeds that change. Once upon a time, toys were something a child held. Then they were something a child played on a screen. Then they were things as likely to be collected by adults as loved by a child. Now they are often all these things all at once.

To monitor what’s happening in this dynamic market, we collect point-of-sale information from all major toy retailers. This information, combined with our analysts’ industry perspectives, delivers a comprehensive view of what’s selling and where. We also field more than 12 million consumer surveys a year to help industry leaders understand why consumers shop, where they shop and why they buy what they buy.

Our toy industry solutions can help you engage with consumers and make better business decisions. By combining our information with your own data or third-party input, we can create even more comprehensive solutions that address your unique business issues.

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Tracking and Premium Services

Retail Tracking

NPD's Retail Tracking delivers weekly point-of-sale (POS) tracking information. It’s the only source for competitive, item-level product detail and insight on toy sales trends. This industry resource can help you understand market dynamics, identify opportunities for growth, and partner more closely with retailers. Our POS footprint covers all the major toy retailers to ensure you are working with information that gives a complete view of the marketplace.

You can use it to create a scorecard using common language, obtain accurate and timely information about your competitors, identify assortment opportunities, benchmark pricing, identify new products, and better manage your business. The data includes a global category hierarchy, which you can use to make cross-country comparisons.

This service is derived from un-projected POS data from all major toy retailers. It encompasses about 80% percent of the total traditional toy industry, which covers more than 37,800 global retail doors and 
online retailers. The POS data is delivered monthly and weekly

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Consumer Tracking

Our Consumer Tracking provides in-depth detail straight from consumers, so you can analyze retailer share, measure category and channel performance, explore consumer demographics, and understand purchase dynamics. Over 12 million surveys annually tell us where consumers shop, what they buy, and how much they pay. The service delivers a comprehensive picture of consumer activity across all retail channels. Its information is aligned with our Retail Tracking hierarchy, allowing for high-level market alignment of our toys consumer data. Toy industry leaders use this robust information to uncover opportunities and create products, messaging, and promotions that appeal to their target consumers.

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Account Level Reports

These reports enable retailers who choose this option to share their information with approved vendors, allowing vendors to analyze business performance at specific retailers down to the item level in many instances. By making this report available to their vendors, retailers can work together with them to optimize performance. These reports may only be made available with the express permission of the retailer.

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Shopping Activity Services

Get access to insights on shopping, browsing, and buying visits across all channels, retailers, categories and demographics. View conversion rate and average spend measures and see how they vary by retailer, season, and demographic. Gain an understanding of where else your customer is shopping and buying.

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Modeling and Analytics

Where are the opportunities? Where are the dangers? What happens next? Now you can know. The NPD Group’s Solutions portfolio provides insight into what will happen in the future in your market.

Our team combines NPD POS and consumer information; custom survey research; distinctive, one-of-a kind research techniques and methodologies; and a half century of industry expertise to identify opportunities, uncover threats, forecast sales and market share, optimize pricing and assortment, and much more.

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Juli Lennett
Senior Vice President, Industry Analyst, U.S. Toys

Juli Lennett, Senior Vice President, Industry Analyst for The NPD Group’s U.S. Toys division has spent the last 11 years at NPD managing client relationships and consulting to a variety of manufacturers, licensors, and retailers within the toy industry.

As NPD’s U.S. Toys industry spokesperson, Juli works directly with manufacturers and retailers to provide industry insights on key trends that could have a significant impact on their business as well as advise them on opportunities for future growth. She is frequently quoted in media outlets including The Wall Street JournalWashington PostCNBC, and Fortune, among others.

Prior to her experience at NPD, Juli spent eight years in various kids’ industries, including Scholastic, where she was Director of Marketing & Sales for their edutainment software group for six years.

Joanne Hageman
President, U.S. Toys and Games

Joanne Hageman, president of The NPD Group’s U.S. Toys and Games businesses, is responsible for helping NPD reach its strategic goals for the U.S. region, while driving continued growth and innovation within the company’s Toys and Games divisions.

Prior to joining NPD, Joanne spent 10 years at Mattel, where she held several different roles across customer marketing and sales & operational planning.  She managed insights, promotions and planning for brands like Frozen, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Barbie. She also held the position of VP of Mattel’s Sales and Operational Planning, where she led her team in the planning area to collaborate with sales, marketing and supply chain to drive results for Mattel.

Joanne began her career at Continental Baking Co. in the finance area, and later moved to General Mills, where she worked for 12 years in finance and as an account manager in sales.  In 2005, she became manager of Customer Marketing at Fisher-Price, and eventually moved to Mattel headquarters in Los Angeles as the senior director of Customer Marketing. During her career, Joanne has worked in finance, sales, customer marketing, and operational planning.

Perry James
President U.S. Hardlines

Perry James is president of U.S Hardlines at The NPD Group, which encompasses the Automotive Aftermarket, Home, Office Supplies, and Toys businesses, a position he has held since 2013. Prior to that, he was president of the Home and Office Supplies businesses, and he successfully launched the latter in 2007.  James is responsible for all aspects of business management, including marketing, sales, and client and product development. He provides executive-level guidance, industry analysis, and overall strategic value to clients who are engaged in the consumer and commercial side of the office supplies and home industries.

James has been with The NPD Group for 20 years. In that time, he has also worked in the company’s Fashion business. Before joining NPD, he was with AC Nielsen.

James holds an M.B.A. from New York University and a B.S. from the University of Connecticut.

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