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No longer just an entertainment medium, gaming has rapidly become a lifestyle. As a result, video game publishers and developers are under increased pressure to deliver the content their gamers demand, when they demand it. At the same time, manufacturers must know how gamers interact with their content and hardware so they can power the best gaming experiences. Data and insights from NPD can ensure you’re responsive to market changes and your customers’ needs. You get complete, accurate information about your products’ market share and mindshare, plus industry insights, to help you track trends, identify business opportunities, and grow your business. We also offer custom research solutions, comprehensive video game metadata, and game evaluations to help you answer critical research questions and gain data-driven feedback throughout the development cycle.

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June 14, 2021

Top 10 Games

February 23, 2021

Player Engagement Tracker

December 8, 2020

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November 6, 2020

2021 Mobile Gaming Report

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Digital Games Tracking

Make the most informed business decisions with knowledge of what video and PC games hardware, software, and accessories are selling in the U.S. and Canada. This service covers all distribution channels, including online sales.

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Meta Data

We combine metadata across multiple mediums to give you a picture of the whole industry. We can compare your game to its closest competition, a larger genre, or examine its potential impact on the entire market.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of the video games industry with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the market. Get information on every console game product released since 2000, every PC game since 2006, and support for mobile and online/social titles. Measure consumers’ video game acquisition habits in all forms and across all platforms, and see how retail, digital, free gaming, and piracy factor into acquisition.

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U.S. Games Market Dynamics

Take a glimpse into the U.S. video games industry with key market insights and an analysis of emerging trends. An integration of POS and consumer information provides a clear picture of hardware sales, accessories, and add-on content.

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Player Engagement Tracker

Get deeper insight into gaming habits, including behavior metrics that track player retention, title cross-play, time spent, active users by title and platform, and more.

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Prescriptive Analytics


Whether you are looking to define your customer segments or refine them, we offer a deep look into purchasing trends by segment.

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Pricing Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of past promotions and simulate the impact of future promotional, discount, and base price changes.

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Game Evaluation

From concept to development to post-launch, get clear, focused, and data-supported feedback from our team of industry experts.

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Data Services

Additional services to assist clients with their business needs. Custom solutions can be developed to address specific requests. Delivery of assets is also available, including front covers, back covers, screenshots, and trailers, mapped to titles by platform and region.

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Custom Solutions

Our custom solution product line is structured to answer critical research questions at different stages throughout the development cycle, either through custom reports or a product lifecycle package including things like surveys, focus groups or game evaluation/mock reviews.  Our products provide a framework for customized research – every report we create is tailored to our client’s specific needs.

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Checkout Buyer Analytics

Buyer Analytics provide self-service Essentials or advanced solutions, so you can see online, in-store, and omnichannel opportunities. Dig deeper into your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

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2021 Mobile Gaming Report

Get a holistic picture of U.S. gamers by approaching the market from multiple angles. Explore the 6 overarching gaming audiences, plus targeted profiles of gamers by platform and demographic group.

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2020 Gamer Segmentation Report

This report provides a comprehensive view of the U.S. gaming market by dividing the universe of gamers into segments based on their gaming motivations, behavior, preferences, and platform choices.

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Evolution of Entertainment Report

Explore segmented activity profiles that reveal how consumers prioritize their spending of time and money on entertainment. Explore the areas by level of COVID-19 impact, how often consumers engage in entertainment activities by demographic audience, and where they see themselves shifting behaviors as they adjust to their new normal.

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Entertainment Expertise

The NPD Group’s entertainment expertise ― built on best-in-class data, thought leadership, and unparalleled analytics ― equips industry leaders to grow their businesses in a rapidly changing environment. Get a holistic view across books, media entertainment, toys, and video games with robust insights and unmatched industry expertise.

Industry Expertise

"Expanding accessibility to content, along with a growing population of gamers, is transforming the industry from an entertainment medium to a lifestyle. Because of this evolution, opportunities in video games have never been more appealing."

Mat Piscatella
Industry Analyst

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Gain insight into monthly trends with three quick minutes of the top releases, top retail promotions, social impressions, and all that good stuff.


Top 10 Selling Video Games (Retail and Digital), May 2021

Rank Rank Last Month Title Publisher
1 NEW Resident Evil: Village Capcom USA
2 NEW Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Electronic Arts
3 1 MLB: The Show 21^ Sony (Corp)
4 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War Activision Blizzard (Corp)
5 3 New Pokemon Snap* Nintendo
6 6 Mortal Kombat 11 Warner Bros. Interactive
7 10 Mario Kart 8* Nintendo
8 8 Returnal Sony (Corp)
9 15 Animal Crossing: New Horizons* Nintendo
10 14 Minecraft Multiple Video Game Manufacturers

* Digital sales not included

^ Xbox Digital sales not included

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