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March 21, 2017

The Unexpected Benefit of US Political Protests: A Spike in Poster Board Sales


In the week before the Women’s March on January 21, which saw millions of women take to the street across the world to advocate for human rights, materials for protest signs were flying off the shelves across the United States. About 2.7 million poster and foam boards were sold that week, according to an analysis by market research firm The NPD Group.
Compared to the same week in 2016, that was an increase of 33 percent for poster boards, and 42 percent for foam boards.

March 20, 2017

Nike Earnings: What to Watch

The Wall Street Journal

Nike, the world’s largest sportswear maker, is facing increased competition at home, where it faces ongoing pressure on sporting-goods retailers, the demand for more casual “athleisure” styles and archrival Adidas AG, which more than doubled its share of U.S. footwear in January, according to The NPD Group.

March 16, 2017

Buying a New TV? Here’s How to Cut Through the Jargon

The New York Times

Should you buy now or wait? Consider upgrading now if you have not bought a television in the last two years, Stephen Baker, vice president of technology industry analysis at The NPD Group, a consumer research firm, wrote in an email. Improvements in electronics make for superior picture quality, standards have been settled and the technology has been vetted. “It is pretty clear that 2017 is going to be the most compelling year” since the introduction of flat-panel models to get a new television, he wrote.

March 13, 2017

Shoe Manufacturing May Come Back to America, but the Jobs May Not

Business Insider

But Brands like Nike and Adidas are looking for ways to bring their products to market faster than manufacturing in Asia allows. The solution, then, is to reshore American manufacturing, but find somewhere to cut costs. Since the largest cost is labor, cutting down the workforce significantly would be prudent. Enter automation. Essentially, shoe manufacturing is already on its way back to the US, but the manufacturing jobs may not come along with it. "It's a drop in the bucket," Matt Powell, an analyst at NPD, told Bloomberg. "I don't see a day where we'll be making shoes in the US at a commercial scale."

March 11, 2017

The Relentless Drone Invasion is Moving from Photography and Deliveries to Racing


In a field defined by camera drones like the DJI Phantom—and at a time when unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are delivering packages, taking pictures and undertaking clandestine government operations—drone racing remains a niche. However, the FAA expects the commercial drone market to explode from 1.9 million in unit sales last year to 4.3 million by 2020. In a 2016 report, The NPD Group said commercial drone sales skyrocketed by more than 200 percent from 2015.

March 8, 2017

New Data Reveals Mobile Ordering Is Sending BILLIONS of People Into America's Restaurants

The Street

Having a slick mobile ordering app should no longer be an afterthought for restaurants. The use of mobile apps, text messages and the Internet to order food spiked 18 percent in 2016 and now accounts for 1.9 billion foodservice visits, The NPD Group said in a report on Tuesday.

March 1, 2017

Think Tank: Retail’s Wake-up Call, by Marshal Cohen, NPD's Chief Industry Analyst


We live in contradictory times. Early in the 2016 holiday season, most forecasters were calling for strong year-over-year growth. So why did we hear broad-based and acute retail pain as early in the post-holiday season as January 4? Macy’s laid off 10,000 people; the Limited announced the closing of all 240 of its stores; Wal-Mart eliminated 1,000 managerial positions. And that was just in the first week of the year. Before the end of January, we heard that Wet Seal was also closing all its stores. Usually this kind of news is held back until February.

March 1, 2017

Can Hudson's Bay Win Over Loyal Macy's Customers?


As Hudson's Bay continues to show interest in taking over Macy's, one question for the parent company will be how the two customer bases will overlap. Analysts at NPD Group used Checkout Tracking purchasing data to examine the similarities and difference among the items sold at Macy's and those sold at Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue to identify the clear difference among their customers. Results suggest that a takeover might not only benefit Hudson's Bay in the way of real estate, but also be a way to win back apparel sales that it loses to Macy's.

January 18, 2017

The Best-Selling Mascara Is Sold Once Every 10 Seconds


Finding just the right mascara, lipstick or even perfume is never an easy task. There are just way too many options! to find the best-of-the-best, Redbook magazine partnered with market research firm The NPD Group to discover the top-selling department store cosmetics in the country. 

January 15, 2017

An Unlikely Group of Stores is Becoming a Major Threat to McDonald's

Business Insider

Convenience stores now make up 10 percent of the quick-service market, NRN reports, citing data from industry research group NPD. "Quick Service Restaurants really have to pay attention to [convenience] stores," NPD analyst Bonnie Riggs told Nation's Restaurant News in November. "They are making inroads and stealing visits from QSR."

January 13, 2017

Why Carmakers Want to Keep Apple and Google at Arm's Length

The Verge

Nathan Shipley, an auto industry analyst at The NPD Group, says maintaining control over vehicle data will be key to staying ahead as a manufacturer. Vehicles are becoming "computers on wheels," he says, where the car part is as important to a connect car as the phone part is to a smartphone. "So why do [automakers] want control over the data? It is and will become their competitive edge," he says.

January 11, 2017

Power: The 10 People Who Run This Industry

Outdoor Retailer Daily

No.7, The Prophet: Matt Powell, Sports Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Inc.
When talking about the "most powerful" folks in the outdoor industry, connections count for a lot—and Matt Powell might be the most connected guy here. His LinkedIn profile, with more than 9,500 connections, is the top one percent most viewed on the social networking site. Why does everyone want to know Powell? Simple. He's the keeper of the most important resource for outdoor brands and retailers: data.

January 11, 2017

Fat Finds Favor on U.S. Tables Again

San Francisco Chronicle

“Avoidance of traditional health-related attributes like fat or cholesterol are waning,” says David Portalatin, vice president and industry analyst of the market research company The NPD Group. The percentage of adults who checked food labels for total fat decreased from 46 percent to 31 percent between 2006 and 2015, Portalatin found. The percentage who checked for calories and sodium also dropped, while the percentage who checked labels for sugar held steady at 41 percent.

January 11, 2017

Big Business of Footwear on Display at Outdoor Retail Expo

Associated Press

Retail stores are looking for footwear that strikes the right balance between performance and fashion, said Julia Clark Day, executive director of business development for the sports division of the market research firm The NPD Group. Hikers want a shoe that won't give them blisters while on the trail but still look good while getting drinks afterward, she said. Footwear has long been a key segment in the industry, and sales in recent years have held steady. It accounted for $4.7 billion in sales 2016, second only to outerwear within an industry that did $18.8 billion in sales last year, according to data from The NPD Group.

January 6, 2017

Toy Sales Spiked 26 Percent in the Week Before Christmas


So what were all those last-minute shoppers buying? It appears toys were high on their shopping lists. Toy sales spiked 26 percent in the week leading up to Dec. 24, according to data released by The NPD Group. Marshal Cohen, NPD's chief industry analyst, called the week's success a "perfect storm of holiday shopping behavior."

January 4, 2017

The Big Thing in TV Sets This Year Is ... Big TV Sets

Associated Press

What's new in television sets this year? Incrementally better pictures, larger screens and cheaper prices — and that's about it. "We've seen strength across all categories, small screen, large screen, older technology and newer tech," NPD analyst Stephen Baker said. He said the combination of lower prices, picture quality and screen size has "brought a lot of customers back into the market."

January 4, 2017

7 Big Trends To Expect in Fashion and Retail in 2017

Footwear News

The year of retail’s redefinition is upon us, so says The NPD Group’s retail-industry analyst Marshal Cohen. While 2016 had its bright spots — and was certainly a better year for retail overall than many predicted — fashions firms will bid farewell to the past 12 months as they wait with bated breath for better days to come.

January 4, 2017

2017 Retail Predictions: From Marshal Cohen, The NPD Group

Accessories Magazine

What will 2017 bring to the retail industry? Accessories caught up with Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Inc., who puts the past data, current thoughts and future projections into his crystal ball for us. Here, some notes from our chat.

January 3, 2017

Beantown as Shoetown: Sneaker Makers Stake Claim in Boston

Associated Press

"These companies cluster because they're primarily looking for talent. You want to be where the people are," said Matthew Powell, a sports industry analyst for The NPD Group, a New York-based market research firm. "They're also trying to stay close to their consumer. Millennials are clustering in large cities, so it's a great way to be plugged into where your consumer is."

December 29, 2016

Paper Calendars Endure Despite the Digital Age

The New York Times

The sales of appointment books and planners grew 10 percent from 2014-15 to 2015-16 to $342.7 million, and decorative and other calendars increased by 8 percent to $65 million in that time, according to figures from The NPD Group, a consumer research firm. Personalization has helped make planners and appointment books popular, Leen Nsouli, an analyst of the office supplies industry at NPD, said in an email.

December 28, 2016

Business From Food to Fashion to Toys, What's Expected to Sell Big in 2017

The Washington Post

The business of getting gorgeous roughly breaks down into four areas: makeup, skincare, hair care and fragrance. And Karen Grant, beauty industry analyst at The NPD Group, a market research firm, said makeup is where she expects we’ll see “seismic momentum” in 2017.  Eyebrow grooming products such as tinting gel and sculpting pencils should be especially popular, Grant said, continuing a recent hot streak.

December 23, 2016

Why Michael Jordan Still Dominates The Basketball Shoe Market


On the current episode of Forbes SportsMoney, sneaker guru Matt Powell digs into the economics of the sneaker market, explaining why retro basketball shoes are hot and performance shoes are cold. Powell hangs his at The NPD Group, which predicted sales for Under Armour's Curry 2 shoe.

December 21, 2016

Why Board Games Are On Trend for the Holidays

NBC News

Fueled by interest in games like Hasbro's Speak Out and Pie Face Showdown as well as more adult games, including X-rated versions of longstanding favorites — think Trivial Pursuit and Taboo — the game segment has seen sales soar 20 percent this year, according to The NPD Group.

December 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Accounts for 30 Percent of Black Friday Two-Day Spend


The debate continued this holiday season as to whether or not retailers should remain open on Thanksgiving Day as some brands have trended toward in the last few years. The NPD Group's Checkout Tracking compiled hour-by-hour in-store transaction data from midnight on Thanksgiving through Black Friday at 10:00 p.m. "These results tell you that Thanksgiving Day is still meaningful, with over 30 percent of the two-day holiday’s spend happening on Thursday. That said, it’s highly competitive in the early evening hours, and most people chose to shop at just one or two retailers," Andy Mantis, EVP, Checkout Tracking, The NPD Group, told FierceRetail in an interview.

December 15, 2016

The NPD Group Taps Tru Optik to Better Understand Digital Demand for Movies and Video Games


Tru Optik, the only audience measurement and data management platform built for OTT, today announced it has partnered with The NPD Group, a leading global information company, to bolster its Entertainment Market Information and Analytic Solutions offering which equips studios, content distributors, retailers, financial analysts, entertainment marketers, talent management companies, and others in the entertainment industry to stay on top of shifting tastes and trends.

December 14, 2016

Women in CT Names 2017 Legacy Award Honorees


Women in Consumer Technology, an organization that promotes the advancement of women in the consumer technology industry, announced the recipients of its 2017 Legacy Awards. The awards honor top-level executives from the retail, publishing, research, manufacturing and entertainment segments. The Women in Consumer Technology 2017 Legacy Award honorees include our very own president and COO, Karyn Schoenbart.

December 7, 2016

Millennial Shoe Shoppers Are Clamoring for These Fashion Staples of the '60s and '70s


What’s old is new again. The classic footwear category has grown more than 29 percent in 2016 through October, according to a blog post from The NPD Group footwear analyst Matt Powell. That’s five percentage points greater than at the same time last year. “The overall classics category is currently the strongest player in the athletic footwear market,” Powell wrote in his post. “To further illustrate the power of this trend, classic footwear was among the top-five performing categories, in terms of dollar sales, the week before Thanksgiving.”

December 7, 2016

Makeup Is Seen Taking Over Holiday Beauty Sales, as Consumers Spend More on Themselves


Blame it on the selfie. At a time of year when fragrance typically reigns supreme, cosmetics are giving the popular gifting item — which accounts for half of beauty sales in December — a run for its money. In the 10 months prior to the holiday shopping period, consumers were scooping up enough contouring kits, lip stains and other cosmetics to push prestige makeup sales 12 percent higher, to $5.9 billion, according to The NPD Group. That's on top of last year's 13 percent gain over the same period. "It's very much a focus on self ... and anything that can make you look good in a selfie," Karen Grant, NPD senior vice president and beauty analyst, told CNBC.

December 6, 2016

Why Amazon Is Betting Big on Brick and Mortar

Retail Dive

“There’s a big impetus to get an Echo in the hands of people, considering that, if you look at the Amazon Echo buyer metrics, we know that the Amazon Echo buyer makes purchases more frequently, and their spend per buyer is twice as much as the average Amazon buyer once they have one,” Andy Mantis, EVP of The NPD Group’s Checkout Tracking, told Retail Dive.

December 3, 2016

Why the Sneaker Wars Are Being Waged on the Streets of New York City

Business Insider

New York specifically makes sense as the go-to battleground, as it is by far the most important regional market in North America. 25 percent of the Nike basketball sneakers sold in the US are bought in the New York area, according to retail analyst Matt Powell of The NPD Group. Trends often start in New York before they go elsewhere. As the old saying goes, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."

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