Big Screen TV Sales Expected to Grow in Denver and Charlotte Ahead of the Super Bowl

Port Washington, NY, January 28, 2016 – We may be unsure which team will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 50, but if history is any indicator, The NPD Group   already knows the TV market will triumph regardless of the team that ultimately emerges as the champion. According to The NPD Group’s December 2015 Omnibus study, 6 percent of households surveyed this winter said they expected to buy a TV ahead of the Super Bowl. In particular, Millennials are driving much of this anticipated growth, with 10 percent saying they intended to buy a new TV ahead of the Super Bowl.

In terms of geography, sales may be especially strong in the cities where the two final contenders are located. This year, those cities will be Charlotte, N.C., and Denver. Last January, leading up to Super Bowl 49, unit sales in the U.S. of televisions 50-inches and above were 15 percent higher than in January 2014. In Boston—the hometown of the New England Patriots—sales were up 20 percent year over year (Y/Y). Similarly, in Seattle—home of the Seahawks—Y/Y sales were up 13 percent; it’s likely that big screen TV sales in Seattle lagged the rest of the market due to the 2015 Super Bowl being the Seahawks’ second consecutive NFL Championship game.

For consumers, January continues to be a good time to buy a big screen TV. In fact, in January 2015, the average selling price of a 50-inch TV in the U.S. was $527- lower than any other month in 2015, with the exception of November and December. In spite of this, average selling prices in Boston ($561) and Seattle ($537) were both higher than the national average, which is an indication that fan demand, not attractive pricing, fueled local TV sales that month.

“It will be interesting to see how TV sales in each teams’ home city perform this year given that one team, Denver, was just in the game two years ago, and Carolina last played in 2004,” said Ben Arnold, Executive Director, Industry Analyst of Consumer Technology, The NPD Group. “We expect to see a bigger year-to-year jump in sales in Charlotte since they haven’t played in the Super Bowl in a dozen years. We also may see a larger than expected increase in Denver given the increased affordability and selection of big screen and 4KTVs compared to just two years ago.”

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