Lady Gaga Would Attract Millions of Non-Football Fans to Watch Super Bowl, According to NPD

Music Fans Expand Brands’ Advertising Reach Far Beyond Other Sports Events

Port Washington, NY, September 27, 2016 – The Super Bowl is the nation’s highest profile sporting event, with strong appeal that extends far beyond that of football fans – in fact, nearly one-half of those who watch the Super Bowl on TV are not football fans, according to global information company, The NPD Group.   All of these added viewers are tuning in for the halftime show, the buzzworthy TV ads, and/or as part of a friendly social gathering.

Music artists who are selected to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show bring their own massive fan bases that undoubtedly add to the total viewing audience. According to NPD, Lady Gaga – who is expected to perform this year -- has 51 million fans in the U.S., and more than half are not football fans, therefore Lady Gaga’s engagement is expected to bring a significant number of additional Super Bowl viewers.

“This annual entertainment venue presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to influence the purchases of millions of target consumers,” said Barbara Zack, Vice President at the NPD Group. “And the selection of the Super Bowl performers can impact the total number of viewers, the demographics of viewers, the purchasing power of viewers, and ultimately the value of the event to specific advertisers.”

Pepsi is a Super Bowl sponsor, and the choice of Lady Gaga does present a unique opportunity for them.  Lady Gaga’s 51 million fans are +24% more likely to be brand switchers – to drink both Pepsi and Coke – and so if Pepsi is able to engage with these fans in a compelling manner through Gaga’s performance, perhaps Pepsi can successfully impact their brand choice and ultimately Pepsi’s market share.

Doritos (another PepsiCo brand) has also traditionally been a regular Super Bowl advertiser, and Lady Gaga’s fans represent fully 22 percent of all consumption of this product category (corn/tortilla chips).  Another traditional Super Bowl advertiser, GEICO, also stands to benefit from Gaga, as her fan base is 8 percent more likely to be a GEICO customer.

Adele, who is rumored to have turned down an opportunity to perform in this Super Bowl, would have brought almost 78 million fans, including almost 41 million who are not football fans. Adele could have brought a potential windfall of additional viewers to the Super Bowl, even more so than Lady Gaga.

“Whether the halftime performer is Lady Gaga or another major star, there are real, actionable differences in fans’ category and brand use that advertisers can leverage to their benefit,” said Zack.

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