The NPD Group Announces BrandLink Service Providing Brand-Talent Investment Landscape with Up-to-Date Matrix of Celebrities Relative to Their Brand Appeal

Port Washington, NY, July 19, 2016 – Global information company The NPD Group, in partnership with GfK MRI, today announced the launch of BrandLink, an efficient and comprehensive tool that provides updated data detailing the likelihood that a celebrity will resonate with the fans of specific brands, and vice versa.

For BrandLink, The NPD Group gathers data from over 60,000 consumers every year regarding their celebrity, music, sports, sports team, movie, and gaming preferences, as well as hundreds of brands in key categories such as beverages, automotive, mobile, fashion, beauty, and more. GfK MRI has for decades been the leading provider of data that informs brand targeting insights for U.S. advertisers by providing a detailed view of consumers’ media choices, lifestyles, attitudes, and usage of almost 6,000 products in 550 categories. The new BrandLink service combines these two databases, providing precise, actionable data that connects thousands of brands, thousands of media and entertainment properties, and the individual fans of thousands of specific celebrities and sports teams.

“Despite conventional wisdom, insight depends less on inspiration than it does on information; a lot of precise, reliable and actionable information,” said Andy Arthur, SVP of Data Integration at GfK MRI. “By adding the depth of our brand and media data to the celebrity insights gathered by The NPD Group, we believe that BrandLink provides a game-changing solution for anyone involved with making celebrity investments.”

In the past, brand marketers have had to rely mostly on intuition when making decisions surrounding which celebrities or music would drive their best business results. BrandLink helps those marketers who are spending on talent to make smarter and more effective investments, as well as those who are promoting talent to brands to better justify their investment.

“Brand marketers already know that each celebrity brings a unique audience just like any other media property does,” said Barbara Zack, VP at The NPD Group. “Just as every sitcom TV show and every fashion–oriented website will not bring exactly the same audience nor be equally effective for delivering a brand’s message, so too every R&B artist or every football player will not be equally effective for a specific brand. With BrandLink, advertisers can finally evaluate a celebrity’s audience on the basis of a brand target, not just a demographic target.”

“BrandLink is not the only service in this space, but it is the only best-in-class service. Other services either rely on social media scraping, which has one set of inherent biases, or on household purchases, which are a weak surrogate for the brand purchasing habits of individual fans,” said Zack.

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