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Americans are Grilling Less, But Chicken, Steak and Burgers Are Still Hot

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Chicago, May 23, 2013--“Grilling will be hot across the country this Memorial Day weekend, but the steady growth we have tracked in grilling has actually come to an end,” said Harry Balzer, vice president of The NPD Group and author of The 27th Annual Eating Patterns in America Report.

According to The NPD Group,  a leading global information company, grill usage hit its peak in 2009 with 40 percent of Americans using outdoor grills during a typical two-week period. That number has been declining ever since. In 2012, 36 percent of adults used a grill on a regular basis throughout the year.  Of course, grilling increases in the summer months where 50 percent of households will fire up their grill during a typical two-week period.

“Men are often seen as the ones behind the grill, but they have started to figure out that cooking is work!" Balzer says, “The lie that women have been perpetuating that their husbands like to grill has been debunked!” jokes Balzer.

Top 5 Foods Americans Grill for Dinner
Percent of Dinners That Include The Item

1. Chicken  21%
2. Steak    20%
3. Burger  20%
4. Pork    11%
5. Hot Dogs  11%


National Eating Trends® (NET®)
The NPD Group's National Eating Trends® (NET®) has been continuously tracking the eating habits of U.S. consumers since March 1, 1980.  The annual NET sample consists of 2,000 households containing approximately 5,000 individuals. The sample is divided into fifty-two sub-samples and each week a group of nearly sixty households begin recording all the foods and beverages consumed by all household members. Each household maintains a daily "eating diary" for two weeks.

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