Family Network and Premium Movie Channel Viewers Are 20 Percent More Likely to Have TVs Connected to the Internet, According to The NPD Group

PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, AUGUST 14, 2013 – U.S. homes that tune into family network programming or subscribe to premium movie channels are 20 percent more likely than other network viewers to have their TV connected to the internet. According to the new Connected Home Consumer Index Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, family network viewers are 22 percent more likely to have a TV hooked up to the Internet, and premium movie channel subscribers are 19 percent more likely than the norm measured among all Internet homes.  Forty percent of U.S. homes with an Internet connection have at least one TV that’s connected, either through the TV itself, a video game console, Blu-ray Disc player, or streaming media player.

As networks develop television apps, it’s critical for them to know how much of their audience is reachable on the TV. It’s of equal importance to know which devices are delivering the Internet connection and ultimately their content to the screen.  When ranking network viewers’ likelihood to have a TV connected to the Internet, family networks are in four of the top ten spots and premium movie channels command three.  These networks are able to capture more of their audience through over-the-top services on the TV.

Networks with Highest Rate of Households Owning a TV Connected to Internet

Network Rank
Nickelodeon/Nick Jr./Teen Nick 1
MTV (all MTV networks) 2
Cartoon Network 3
Disney Channel/Disney Jr. 4
Cinemax 5
Comedy Central 6
Nick at Nite 8
Showtime 9
ABC Family 10

Source: The NPD Group/Connected Intelligence, Q2 2013 Connected Home Consumer Index
Note: TV may be directly connected to Internet or through another device

The Connected Home Consumer Index report finds that families are using video game consoles more than any other device to connect their TVs to the Internet. Programming from networks such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and ABC Family is obviously geared to households with children. These homes with children under age 18 are 63 percent more likely than the general Internet population to have a TV that is connected to the Internet through a video game console.

“Having a viewing audience that owns connected game consoles is a huge asset to a networks’ digital distribution strategy,” said John Buffone, Director of Devices for NPD Connected Intelligence “Our Connected Home Forecast found that video game consoles are the most prominent device delivering Internet to the TV.  In fact, 29 percent of U.S. Internet homes currently have a game console connected to the Internet and we project they will retain dominance through 2015.”

While networks are beginning to develop their own apps for the TV, the top video services used on the TV are still content aggregation services Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Instant/Prime Video.  Network services such as HBOGO still rank lower on the list.

More than 5,000 U.S. consumers, age 18 and older were surveyed in the second quarter of 2013 for the Connected Home study. Unless otherwise specified, connected TVs are connected to the Internet directly through the TV itself or another device such as a video game console, Blu-ray Disc player, or streaming media player.  Devices measured in the Consumer Index are actually Internet connected not just Internet capable.

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