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Out of Office with Leen

Hear about impacts in the Christian books market from COVID-19 and Easter sales trends. Additional topics of discussion include: mindfulness trends and how office supplies products play a role in that, understanding the home-schooling market and opportunities to identify who these consumers are and where they are located.

5 Winter Fashion Trends in Canada

Holiday in October? Retail “Shift” Sparks Early Start to The Holiday Shopping Season in Canada

Each generation brings slight changes to the way we approach food and preparation, and that’s no different from what we see with Millennials. We know already that this generation is consuming fresh foods at higher rates than previous generations di

Webinar: Evolution of Entertainment: Trends in Toys, Books, Media and Video Games

When you’re developing strategies to grow your category, defend shelf space, and increase market share, you need to keep tabs on the consumer spending habits that are transforming today’s omnichannel marketplace.

2021 Mobile Gaming Report

Q4 Forecast Historic 18% Growth in Consumer Tech Sales

U.S. consumer tech sales have been on a tear since March. Stay-at-home advisories and widespread working and learning from home have fueled technology purchases for months, leading to sustained double-digit year-over-year growth.

How Purchasing for the Home Has Changed:
Implications for Holiday 2020 and Beyond

In this article, we take a look at four driving factors that have influenced in-home spending this year: indulgence, changes to work and play, convenience, and value. Additionally, we explore the underlying shifts taking place to help brands and retailers contextualize recent consumption trends as they brace for Holiday 2020 and beyond.

Esports Engagement and Awareness Are On The Rise

Esports viewing has become notably more accessible in response to the public health crisis. Many professional sports leagues and networks have shifted to digital competitions instead of traditional matches.

Leading Through The Perfect Storm

COVID-19, economic upheaval, and the national movement for social justice, equality and inclusivity has required brands and retailers to rethink how they engage with marketplaces and consumers. In this podcast from The Robin Report, Robin Lewis breaks down the issues and opportunities with Mark Cohen, Professor at Columbia Business School and NPD’s Don Unser.

America Outdoors: Consumers Are Flocking to These 5 Activities

As COVID-19 necessitates social distancing, a number of outdoor and sports categories have experienced explosive growth. Explore which categories grew as consumers adapted to changing circumstances.

The Impact of COVID-19 on E-commerce:
Staying Ahead of the Digital Divide

COVID-19 has brought America’s digital divide to the forefront. As online shopping and restaurant digital ordering exploded with the advent of the public health crisis, many companies were caught off guard, but those that invested in strong digital capabilities before the crisis were well equipped to weather the storm. Their bets paid off: E-commerce penetration increased markedly across a number of industries after the crisis hit.

Lessons from China's Road to Retail Recovery

As the Chinese retail sector begins the road to recovery, it’s becoming clear that a reopening and a rebound aren’t completely synonymous. Despite China’s early start to the reopening phase, our Consumer Sentiment Study from May 2020[1] shows across industries, a large portion of consumers in China spent or planned to spend less than they did prior to the crisis. For instance, 35% of consumers spent or planned to spend less on apparel products after the crisis hit, while only 19% spent or planned to spend more, our research shows. In luxury, over half of consumers spent or planned to spend less.

Top Five Fastest-growing E-commerce Beauty Segments in March

With physical stores in the U.S. temporarily closed, online represents nearly all of the prestige beauty industry volume.

5 Ways We Passed Time While Social Distancing

As social distancing became the norm in March 2020, people across the U.S. drastically changed their routines. By analyzing the types of products purchased in the weeks that followed mandated social distancing orders, we can offer a glimpse of the ways people planned to pass time during this new reality.

A Message from Our CEO

As the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly around the globe, NPD is monitoring the situation closely. Our commitment first and foremost is to the health and well-being of our global community.

Food and Drink Through the Decades

For nearly 40 years, we’ve studied the foods and beverages people in America consume on a daily basis. We recently took a look at the top foods and drinks consumed when we first started recording eating and drinking trends in the 1980s. They’re alive and well all these years later, but in many cases, they have been transformed due to changing consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Prepping for the back-to-school season

More than 50% of product launches fail in the marketplace. How can you predict your product’s success?

Top Baby Registry Trends to Watch

60% of respondents report online/websites to be the main source for creating a baby registry in the U.S. But what else is trending?

Consumers in 2020: 5 Trends to Watch

Our industry experts recently shared their predictions for the coming year. Read on to see the trends our experts expect to take center stage in 2020 and explore how successful players will adapt to these shifts.

Winning with Today’s Omnichannel Shopper

NPD’s Jeremy Allen, Group President, Checkout, and Patty Altman, SVP Client and Business Development, recently appeared on The Jason & Scot Show. In this podcast episode, Allen and Altman provide omnichannel shopping insights from Checkout’s panel of 100,000 consumers. Complete the form to access the full podcast.

The Aging of E-commerce

In this podcast episode from The Robin Report, NPD’s Don Unser, Matt Powell, and David Portalatin discuss the role of brick-and-mortar as e-commerce matures. Additional topics of discussion include: consumer spending trends, successful product categories, and a 2019 Holiday outlook across general merchandise and food industries.

7 Winning Models for Retail Experiences in the Future

As consumer needs continue to shift, and brand loyalty wanes, smart brands and retailers are embracing one or more of the seven key experiential models that win over shoppers: convenience, expertise, treasure hunt, curation, entertainment, frictionless, and community.

The Chaotic New World of Retailing

From smartphone shopping to an evolving consumer culture, how can brands and retailers stay relevant in this new world of retailing? Find out from Robin Lewis, CEO of the Robin Report, Don Unser, President of NPD’s retail practice, and CEO of Vince, Brendan Hoffman.

NPD's Don Unser Talks Retail Transformation: Educating an Industry

NPD’s Don Unser recently spoke with Zia Wigder, Shoptalk’s chief content officer, and Steve Sadove, former CEO of Saks Inc. In this podcast episode from The Robin Report, Don, Zia, and Steve discuss fragmenting consumer tribes, why digitally native brands are opening stores, and the four major barriers to business model transformation.

Bridging Media and Retail: 3 Entertainment-led Purchasing Trends

The entertainment industry has long influenced the products consumers buy. For instance, “Top Gun,” the hit 1986 film about a U.S. Navy pilot, helped popularize Ray-Ban‘s Aviator sunglasses. They haven’t gone out of fashion since. Today, the amount of content generated from streaming services and other forms of digital media is exploding. As a result, consumers increasingly will be exposed to new ideas for product use.

China Foodservice Report: Market Movement Highlights

China foodservice market movement highlights

3 Ways to Win Over the Thrifty Gen Z Consumer

Straddling adolescence and adulthood, Gen Z is at a turning point. The oldest members of Gen Z have already graduated college and are now in their early 20s. They’re considered a thrifty generation; Gen Z has posed a challenge to key general merchandise industries, which have struggled to drive dollar growth among this cohort over the past two years.

Female Shopping Power: 5 Trends Worth Watching

What purchasing trends are driven by women in the U.S.? We consulted our industry analysts and reviewed our proprietary data to find out.

How to Thrive in Retail’s New Normal

U.S. retailers have announced more than 7,200 store closures as of June 2019. How can you understand where the volume will go as retailers go out of business, place the right bets on partnerships, and understand the attributes that drive in-store purchases?

Is Private Label Peaking?

Our research indicates that more private brands aren’t necessarily the answer across apparel, food, technology, and other industries we track; retail may have reached an inflection point. How can retailers determine the right mix of private and national brands for the categories they play in, and what can brands do to ensure they remain part of the mix?

Playing the Long Game: NPD’s Industry Experts Offer Recommendations for 2019 and Beyond

In preparation for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, NPD’s Ajay Shah sat down with sports industry experts, Matt Powell and Julia Day. Read on to see their take on changing consumer tastes, mission-driven brands, the future of stores, and how brands and retailers can re-energize the industry’s customer base.

Growing Online:
What Brands and Retailers Can Learn from DTC

Brands going direct-to-consumer have leveled the playing field and challenged retailers and manufacturers alike to engage and delight consumers with superior products. The ebb and flow of direct-to-consumer/retailer dynamics will no doubt continue. What techniques will you use to stay competitive in this dynamic environment?

The Future of Research:
Veteran Research Innovator Steve Coffey Opens Up About Emerging Technologies and How Ideas Become Reality

As Chief Innovation Officer of The NPD Group, Steve Coffey spends his days coming up with the company’s next big ideas. NPD’s Ajay Shah sat down with Steve to learn about his approach to innovation. Read on to see how innovators like Steve transform ideas into solutions that help researchers stay on top of the latest consumer trends.

Top 5 Ways to Successfully Launch Your New Products at AAPEX

More than 50 percent of new product launches fail in the marketplace. How can you predict your product’s success?

10 Ways Game of Thrones Is Impacting Retail

We’ve been watching how Game of Thrones has made champions of some savvy retailers. We don’t know who will claim the Iron Throne, but we do know how the television series is emerging across many of the categories we track in the U.S. (No show spoilers here!)

Luxury E-commerce: 5 Trends You Need to Know

The U.S. luxury market is evolving, new brands are getting attention, and online retailer platforms are elevating the competitive landscape.

Innovation in the Kitchen

NPD analysts expect three forces to drive kitchen innovation in 2019 and beyond: smart kitchen, smart branding, and digital platforms. Read on to see how you can harness these forces to meet consumer demands while driving innovation.

Food for Thought - What’s Next for Meal Kits

Much of the talk in marketing these days focuses on connecting with Millennials and Boomers, as both groups are acting differently from their predecessors and are in dramatically shifting life stages. While this is a sound approach, it’s important to continue focusing on the future and prepare for the up-and-coming Generation Z.

9 Ways 5G Will and Won’t Impact the Future

The potential applications for 5G have the mobile market abuzz as many wonder how the network’s faster speeds and lower latency will revolutionize the industry. Each “G” iteration came with its own unique values … 1G brought us voice, 2G messaging, 3G the Web, and 4G unleashed video, so what about 5G? See predictions for what it will—and won’t—do.

How Private Label Goes Premium

Private label is quickly gaining share at retail, according to a cross-industry study conducted by The NPD Group. As loyalty to national brands continues to wane, there is an increasingly untapped opportunity for retailers to elevate the status of their private label brands by finding new ways to meet consumer demands. This paper discusses how retailers can launch premium private labels and what established national brands need to know to keep up.

Food for Thought – Is Gen X the Future of Snacking?

Much of the talk in marketing these days focuses on connecting with Millennials and Boomers, as both groups are acting differently from their predecessors and are in dramatically shifting life stages. While this is a sound approach, it’s important to continue focusing on the future and prepare for the up-and-coming Generation Z.

Looking Ahead to 2019

As the retail landscape continues to transform, brands and retailers need to keep track of changing consumer tastes and behaviors in order to stay relevant. Checkout, one of The NPD Group’s latest innovative services, can help brands do just that. Read on to see why Checkout is the gold standard consumer receipt panel for analyzing U.S. consumer behavior across general merchandise and foodservice and how it can help your business.

A Look Into 2019: What’s Driving Growth?

When we look back on 2019, what will be the big theme? Our industry advisors weigh in on what they expect consumer spending, innovation, and store transformation to look like in 2019.

Food for Thought – Outlook for the Food and Beverage Industry

Another interesting year for the U.S. food and beverage industry is drawing to a close. Restaurants continue to struggle with flat-to-declining traffic, and retailers face stalled growth. E-commerce, however, continues to be a bright spot, and meal delivery kits are cozying up with retailers and moving away from a complete subscription model.

2019 Automotive Aftermarket Outlook Highlights

At AAPEX 2018, Nathan Shipley revealed how sales in 2018 are measuring up to expectations, insights into consumer attitudes that will shape the coming year, and his outlook on sales for 2019 and beyond.

8 Expectations for Holiday 2018

We asked our top industry advisors to weigh in on how they see Holiday 2018 shaping up for their respective industries. Drawing upon Holiday 2017 trends, the retail environment during the first three quarters of 2018, and our 2018 Holiday Purchase Intentions survey, the advisors shared what to expect this holiday season, both in stores and online.

Solve the Dinner Dilemma

Consumers are strapped for time — they’re looking for shortcuts in their dinner meal planning, shopping, and preparation. See how grocery stores can play a pivotal role in all three of these areas.

3 Ways Food Companies Can Get Their Business Cooking

Technology's evolution and the rise of e-commerce are spurring change in how meals are sourced, prepared, and consumed both in home and away. Learn three new ways to get your business growing.

5 Things Smart Industries Are Doing to Engage Consumers

In this paper, released at Summer Outdoor Retailer, NPD's Industry Advisor Matt Powell looks to growing industries' strategies to fuel the outdoor sports market.

Food for Thought – Health Has Gone Tribal – Here’s What To Expect

Health has a continuously moving focus point. In the past, health was equated with avoiding substances like fats and carbs, and this was generally considered something that worked for anyone who tried it. However, in today’s world of social media and blogging, consumers are seeking their echo chambers of health the same way they use them for lifestyles and politics.

E-commerce Trends You Can't Ignore

October 2018 – The emergence of the endless aisle has created stiff competition for brands and retailers trying to win online. Uncover the latest e-commerce trends across fashion, home, and technology. Read on to see how successful brands and retailers are winning by leveraging digital content to engage with consumers.

Five Themes Defining Footwear and Beyond

U.S. footwear sales improved during the first half of 2018. With many brands and retailers in transition, market share is up for grabs. Here’s a look at what’s driving the turnaround and the trends leading growth.

3 Ways Back-to-School Shopping is Changing

Ordering everyday goods online and having them delivered to the doorstep has become the norm in many American households. E-commerce sales growth shows how this new normal is playing out, but how will convenience-based purchasing methods affect back-to-school shopping for traditional supplies?

Foodservice Perspectives: Change, Innovation, and Progress

The buzzword these days is disruption. What was initially used as a term to define “technologically straightforward” services and products that target the bottom end of an established market and then move their way up to overtake the market leaders — think Uber — is now a catchall to describe any change or innovation. A disruption isa disturbance or problem that interrupts an event – not always a good thing. Change, innovation, and progress — although unsettling at first — are often good things. 

3 Ways to Foster a Seamless Consumer Experience in the Future

In the future, brands and retailers will adapt to increased consumer demand for more seamless experiences. See how this will impact every aspect of their lives—from the kitchen to the gym.

Sustainability in Fashion

As fashion brands look to innovate, sustainability is becoming an important initiative in the apparel industry. Find out how much consumers care about social responsibility, and which are willing to spend more on sustainable apparel with these high-level insights.

5 Fashion Trends Worth Watching

The U.S. fashion industry is rapidly changing. At the same time, a flurry of factors – including shifts in consumer shopping behavior, retail closures, new celebrity influencers, and today’s macro trends – are having an impact on consumer spending. Here’s a look at 5 fashion trends we’re watching right now.

IDEA 2018 Executive Summary

Our recent executive summit IDEA 2018: Under Fire | On Fire brought together 300 leaders representing the C-suites of more than a dozen industries. Get a high-level view of how brands and retailers are growing the bottom line, and other compelling insights explored at IDEA.

The Future of Apparel

From to Direct-to-Consumer to private label, new platforms and retail outlets are disrupting the way consumers shop for apparel. What predictions do industry advisors Marshal Cohen and Matt Powell have for the industry moving forward?

Food for Thought – Under Fire, On Fire Also True In Food and Beverage

In May, we held our IDEA 2018 thought leadership summit, where the theme was Under Fire | On Fire. The event highlighted struggles in the retail sector, and also acknowledged brands that are having great success during these transformative times. Themes like rekindling growth, using technology to turn up the heat, and innovating to ignite business resonated with participants from a wide range of industries, including food and beverage.

10 Trends You Should Know About Kids’ Licensed Products

Licensed products make up one quarter of U.S. unit sales for children ages 14 and under, across 17 industries. From backpacks to coloring books, to t-shirts and games, kids love the company of Harry Potter and Doctor Seuss characters alike. What industries, categories, and products are doing well across licensing, and how can licensed products fuel your business?

An Introduction to Blockchain, and What it Means for Retail’s Future

What is blockchain in layman’s terms, and how is it different from bitcoin? Learn about  the industries this new technology is reaching, and how it could alter retail—with added insight from our industry experts.

Value Wars 2.0: The Value Menu Revisited

In December 2017, McDonald’s announced it would renew its focus on value through a new value menu that would launch in January 2018. For McDonald’s, the primary business objective was to bring back customers lost over the past few years when the chain moved away from promoting its Value Menu and began promoting other parts of its menu. Other QSR chains, like Taco Bell and Jack-in-the Box, introduced value offerings of their own to compete directly with that of McDonald’s.

Food for Thought – Are Americans Rediscovering Their Sweet Tooth?

Private Label Revolution: The Second Wave

Presented at Shoptalk 2018 and written by NPD’s Chief Industry Advisor, Marshal Cohen, this paper explores how private label has evolved in the U.S., why it’s hot again (and why now), the industries and categories it’s affecting, where it’s headed, and what you need to do about it, whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer.

8 Retail Trends Through a Millennial Lens

NPD’s Chief Industry Advisor, Retail, Marshal Cohen, recently came up with eight ways Millennial consumers differ from older consumers, when it comes to the kinds of products they buy (and why).

Food for Thought – E-commerce Will Require Solutions Over Products

Convenience is a key driver of ecommerce growth in food and beverage, which means marketers must reimagine their products as solutions. The world is becoming more focused on the experience of using products, rather than focusing on owning products. Food and beverage marketers need to shift to being part of food delivery solutions, as opposed to offering products alone, if they are to remain relevant in this shifting retail environment.

Categories Shifting Online

More grocery, apparel, prestige beauty, and toy sales are shifting to e-commerce, with new offerings and delivery options. Find out how online sales are growing, and why now.

10 Retail Predictions for 2018

2018 will be another challenging year for retail. What  trends will captivate consumers? How will the online/in-store shopping  dichotomy play out? 

Do These Pants Make Me Look Vegan?

Wellness. The term is so ubiquitous nowadays that we rarely stop to think about it outside of the context of juicing, yoga, and expensive sweatpants. What does it actually mean to be well, and what does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle?  How are consumers adopting a healthy lifestyle? What are they buying to make themselves feel and look better? Read on for shopping trends in food, home, fitness, tech, fashion, beauty, and other industries. Discover what the wellness craze means for you as a manufacturer or retailer.

Food for Thought – What Sets Gen Z Apart When It Comes to Food Preparation and Consumption

12 Shopping Predictions for Holiday 2017

Get expectations and recommendations for how consumers will shop this holiday season from NPD’s industry analysts across retail, accessories, apparel, beauty, footwear, home, technology, toys, sports, and video games.

Food for Thought – Consumers Have Varying Levels of Appliances and Desires To Use Them

Each generation brings slight changes to the way we approach food and preparation, and that’s no different from what we see with Millennials. We know already that this generation is consuming fresh foods at higher rates than previous generations di

Guide to Gen Z: Debunking the Myths of Our Youngest Generation

Over the past few years, public interest has shifted from Millennials to the younger kids on the block: Generation Z. Also referred to as "post-Millennials," "the iGeneration," and the "Homeland generation,” they’re most commonly known as—simply—“Gen Z”.

9 Ways Back-to-School Shopping Is Changing

With one month left to go before school’s return (in much of the country), back-to-school shopping is already well under way. Our industry analysts across fashion, office supplies, consumer electronics, B2B technology, home, and toys have been following the 2016 and 2017 season trends closely. See how the retail holiday has evolved and what brands and retailers need to know to weather the storm.

Back to Basics: An Ode to Yesteryear and the Products People Are Buying Again

Things come back into style eventually. Across the fields of music, fashion, television, and design, our society nods to decades past with the resurgence of old trends. Many describe this fashion cycle as one that follows a “40-year-rule”, where nostalgia primarily occurs for an era 40 years prior. Some acknowledge a shorter 20-year cycle, and others say waves of nostalgia don’t occur on a fixed schedule.

Cash Is Still King … Sort of

The payments world may be moving inexorably toward digital, but there’s still a place for cold, hard cash.

Owning an Amazon Echo Dramatically Changes How You Shop

Much of Amazon’s marketing efforts during this year’s Prime Day will focus on convincing consumers to buy one of its Echo products.

Whole Foods, Amazon and the “Last Mile” in Grocery Delivery

It will be a long time before the dust settles from the announcement this morning that Amazon will buy Whole Foods.

Age Isn’t Just a Number at Retail

You’ve heard it said of some young folks that they “have an old soul.” You’ve also heard some older folks described as “young at heart.” But sayings like those refer to exceptions. In general, old folks act like old folks; while young people act like young people. That’s particularly true at retail, according to the Checkout Penetration Index.

What Receipts Data Says About Coach’s Purchase of Kate Spade

The news that Coach Inc. is buying Kate Spade & Co. for some $2.4 billion --  a substantial 27.5 percent premium over Friday’s closing share price -- had us wondering what could justify such a price.

Prime Days and Mini-Seasons: Looking Differently at Back-to-School Shopping

There’s no longer a back-to-school shopping “season.” Rather, there is a series of mini-seasons with distinct timelines that attract different types of buyers and involve varying types of products.

Under the Covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Investors in Bed, Bath and Beyond have been tossing and turning in bed of late, as the retailer issued a number of less-than-stellar earnings statements.

Rue the Day

Rue21 has filed for bankruptcy. That doesn’t come as a surprise. The teen retailer’s woes have been well-documented. And just last month, the apparel chain said it would close 400 of its stores.

Staying In Is the New Going Out: The Hygge Trend’s Impact on American Retail

Let’s face it—the world can be a pretty scary place. Throughout history, people have turned to different forms of escapism to recharge and refuel from their increasingly high-stress lifestyles.

Penetrating Insights of the Penetration Index

How big is Wal-Mart? How pervasive is McDonald’s? Dollar Tree? Dunkin’ Donuts? In the intense and lucrative battle for consumers’ attention and dollars, which retailers and restaurants have become fully woven into American life?

MM.LaFleur Dresses for Success

In the world of retail, particularly in that subset of E-commerce stores that are expanding into brick and mortar, no company is getting as much attention as MM.LaFleur.

Retail Reborn: How the Aspirational Purchase Has Shifted

Key Considerations for Retailers and Brands for the Future of Commerce

The Retail Evolution

The death of retail as we now know it is greatly exaggerated. Retail isn’t dying, it’s evolving and doing so out of necessity. The current retail evolution is being driven by a confluence of change. Changing consumer attitudes, behaviors, and demographics; ongoing channel and digital disruptions; and increasing competition for consumer mindshare and dollars are forcing a shift in long-held paradigms – continuing the status quo is no longer an option.

10 Ways to Win Over Consumers in 2017

As we approach the end of the first quarter, our industry analysts are studying our retail sales data, identifying industry trends, and looking ahead toward what key technologies, categories, and products might change the direction of retail this year.

How Do We Calculate “Velocity”, and How Can It Help You?

A Complete Guide to Using the Velocity Metric to Sell High-Performing Products

Marrying Macy’s

In mergers, as in marriage, it’s a good idea to have a few things in common.

From Board Games to Toothbrushes, Five Holiday Hits You’d Never Expect

What was hot during Holiday 2016? It’s a question brands and retailers all want to answer as they reflect on the holiday’s successes and misses in preparation for Holiday 2017.

What Makes a Millennial Spend Big?

Money isn’t easy to come by. Especially when you’re young. 

Why Buy a Dress or Company When you Can Rent or Partner

You’d be hard-pressed to name two retailers with brand identities as different as those of Neiman Marcus and Rent the Runway.

Don’t Rain on Macy’s Parade Just Yet

As the media and Wall Street parse the news that Macy’s may shed more than 10,000 jobs in the wake of poor earnings, we decided to see what the data says about Macy’s prospects.

Holiday Shopping Sprees Are Just Getting Started

Hold your horses. Early forecasts surrounding holiday spending this year may have come too soon, our partner CivicScience has found. People who expect to spend more money this holiday season has increased. In October, only 16 percent of adults said they would spend more this holiday season over last. As of this month, that number has climbed to 21 percent. There are a few possible reasons for this.

How Far Along Are Shoppers in Their Holiday Shopping?

With less than one week to go before Christmas, Americans are on the home stretch with their holiday shopping. Our partner, CivicScience, has been busy polling U.S. adult consumers on their holiday shopping progress since early October—because it’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Shopping Trends: 2016 Recap (Infographic)

Our partner CivicScience has been tracking a variety of consumers’ holiday shopping habits this season – everything from Black Friday shopping plans to the gifts people would most like to receive. Take a look at their Holiday Shopping 2016 Recap Infographic to help jump-start your 2017 planning.

Skip the Stress: Our Short and Sweet Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Buying gifts for friends and family can be daunting, no matter how well you know them. Luckily, our partner CivicScience is here to give you some data-driven information that might help put you at ease, so you can focus on the important things (food and family, of course). In this short post uncover what your friends and family prefer to give as gifts, what your friends and family prefer to receive as gifts, and which gifts are most often returned or exchanged.

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