When you have considerable expertise with mobile-games data, as the Checkout team does, you’ll find myriad insights hidden in the numbers.

One such item shows correlations among consumer preferences for mobile games and sneaker brands. It turns out that if we know what game is in your hand, we can make an accurate prediction about what brand is on your feet.

For example:

  • Folks who make in-app purchases in Candy Crush are more likely to buy Skechers than are people who shun the game.
  • And while people who purchase in Clash of Clans are more likely to buy Nike than non-Clash buyers, Candy Crush buyers are less likely to purchase Nike than are non-Candy buyers.

What might be the business value of such insights, which we’ve found across multiple seemingly unrelated categories? The primary use is to help brands select among possible advertising placements and business partners.

Take a look at the chart below for more game/sneaker affinities.

Candy Crush buyers to non-buyers index
Nike 84
UGG 130
Brand Jordan 70
TOMS 115
Converse 112
Tory Burch 125
Skechers 158
New Balance 102
Asics 91
Clarks England 125

Clash of Clans buyers to non-buyers index
Nike 152
Brand Jordan 253
UGG 130
Converse 120
Asics 113
New Balance 113
Adidas 96
Sorel 116

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