The Significance of Buying a New Kitchen Range

There’s a range, as it were, of meaning to be found when looking at receipts that include major domestic appliances.

But manufacturers and retailers may wish to pay extra attention to receipts that contain a kitchen range. When someone buys a range, there’s a distinct possibility they’re also looking to buy other major appliances.

Allow us to explain.

Checkout TrackingSM has launched a new service covering online sales of major domestic appliances. It, like all our services, is based on actual receipts from real people.

And when we began examining appliance receipts for online sales, it became apparent that receipts that include a kitchen range have an outsized significance.

Consider the following.

  • A full 36% of online orders that include a range also include at least one additional major appliance.
  • Among receipts with multi-item orders, refrigerators are the likely companion two-thirds of the time.
  • Similarly, even if multiple appliances are not on the same receipt, range buyers are more likely to also purchase refrigerators and dishwashers online in a separate purchase.
  • Nearly 60% of range buyers also buy a fridge online separately, while one-in-five purchase a dishwasher.

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