Who won when Chipotle stumbled?


Tuesday was National Taco Day. We trust you celebrated in appropriate fashion.

One place you may have visited in honor of the day is Chipotle.

Or perhaps not.

As you’ll remember, Chipotle received a lot of negative press following news of an E.coli outbreak at several of its stores earlier this year. Large numbers of people stopped visiting the QSR chain as a result.

And now, some seven months after the FDA announced its investigation, it’s become clear just how costly the outbreak was to Chipotle ... Chipotle lost some $150 million last winter due to the food-safety incidents, according to estimates from The NPD Group’s CREST service.

Where did that money go?

According to Checkout TrackingSM, a full 70 percent of the spend moved to other restaurants.

The biggest winner in the fallout was McDonald’s, which picked up nearly twice its fair share of those dollars.

A number of other chains also won sizable pieces of that spend. But not all of them were the chains one might expect to have gained from Chipotle’s woes.

To learn more, visit this page and download the infographic.

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