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CREST® Performance Alerts

CREST® Performance Alerts provide accurate, chain-specific transaction and share trend information in a convenient dashboard format within days of the close of each week. Use this service to rapidly identify and respond to your competition’s latest marketing tactics. CREST Performance Alerts combine NPD’s broad portfolio of assets with geolocation tracking data to provide accurate measurement of weekly competitive performance.

Use CREST Performance Alerts to:

  • Gain competitive insight by monitoring your competitors’ performance on weekly basis.
  • Pinpoint the competitors that pose the biggest threat and develop response strategies.
  • Assess the strength and effectiveness of your marketing programs — and those of your competitors — to guide future plans.


CREST Performance Alerts are fueled by modeled GPS data, along with NPD’s broad portfolio of foodservice industry assets, including CREST and ReCount®, plus NPD’s Checkout receipt-based data and credit card data. Data in CREST Performance Alerts has been validated against CREST, SalesTrack®, and public reporting.

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