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Future of Foodservice Snapshot: Restaurant Revival

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Exclusive Insights

Future of Foodservice Snapshot: Restaurant Revival

The fallout from the COVID-19 public health crisis has hit the U.S. restaurant industry especially hard, and consumer interaction with the foodservice industry has changed dramatically over just a few months. The NPD Group’s new Restaurant Revival Report helps you overcome uncertainty about what to expect in the coming year so you can prepare an effective plan for recovery and growth.

The report uses NPD’s CREST® data and advanced modeling techniques to forecast how the restaurant industry is likely to react as consumer behavior evolves in response to the COVID-19 threat. It also explores the new economic and business realities created by the crisis and their impact on restaurant service modes, ordering techniques, and consumer behavior. It’s the input you need for confident, informed planning.

Business Benefits

  • Provide strategies for gaining share relative to other operators and manufacturers so you can maintain and grow your business
  • Develop clear expectations of restaurant use so you can respond to changing consumer behavior
  • Understand the industry’s evolution and the new environment so you can adapt to the evolving sense of “normal”

Industry Expertise

No one knows more about how people eat than The NPD Group. For decades now, we’ve been the definitive source of information on food and beverage consumption, whether at home or away-from-home. Snacks on-the-go? Lunch at the drive-thru? Dinner with the family? We track them all.

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